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USDOT Taking INFRA Grant Proposals

February 19, 2021

Applications are being taken by the U.S. Department of Transportation for 2021 Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grants.

This year’s applicants will compete for shares of the pot of $889 million that is available.

In a news release, USDOT said INFRA grants can be used to pay for transportation projects of national and regional significance that are in line with the Biden administration’s priorities, including creating good-paying jobs, improving safety, applying transformative technology and explicitly addressing climate change and racial equity.

Grants will be issued for large projects, defined as of at least $25 million, and small project, defined as of at least $5 million. 

UDOT said it is looking for projects in which the local sponsor is significantly invested and positioned to proceed rapidly to construction. 

The agency also has created the INFRA Extra Program, which will identify competitive applicants who do not receive an INFRA award.

Such applicants will be authorized to seek a Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 1998 loan for up to 49 percent of their project cost.

Grant applications are being accepted through March 19.

USDOT Revising Rules for Grant Programs

February 4, 2021

The U.S. Department of Transportation is reworking its rules for grants awarded from the BUILD Transportation Discretionary Grant and Infrastructure For Rebuilding America programs.

The programs fund railroad related projects affecting freight and passenger transportation networks, including highway/rail grade crossings and freight rail and intermodal infrastructure  

DOT has withdrawn notices of available funding that were issued before Jan. 21.

An updated INFRA notice of funding opportunities will be published soon. The guidelines for BUILD grants are expected to be released by April 26.

Changes in grant program rules and priorities often occur when the presidency changes hands.

A new administration reviews whether existing guidelines align with the administration’s philosophies and priorities.

Some observers expect the Biden administration to rework the guidelines to emphasize climate change among other issues.

The FAST Act authorized the INFRA program at $4.5 billion for fiscal years 2016-20, and the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 and Other Extensions Act authorized an additional $1 billion for FY 2021, to be awarded on a competitive basis.

Since 2016, USDOT has selected 94 projects to receive more than $4.1 billion in funding. 

DOT Names Winners of INFRA Grants

June 20, 2020

Two rail projects were included in the list of 20 projects that are slated to receive $906 million in Infrastructure for Rebuilding American grants.

DOT said in a news release the grants are used for projects that will improve highways, bridges, ports and railroads to better connect communities, enhance safety and support economic growth.

None of the grants were awarded to projects in Ohio. DOT said it received 173 eligible applications seeking a collective $7.4 billion in funding.

One of the rail projects is in Wisconsin while the other is in Oklahoma.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be awarded $55.15 million to widen 11 miles of the Mountain Parkway from two to four lanes between the Kentucky 191 overpass and the Kentucky 205 interchange.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will be awarded $25 million to replace and expand an existing land port of entry at the U.S.-Canada border.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation will be awarded $12 million to construct 3.1 miles of grade and drain pavement improvements on Corridor H from U.S. Route 219 to the West Virginia Route 72 interchange.

INFRA was established under the 2015 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act.

Congress will have 60 days to review the USDOT’s proposed project awardees. After the 60-day review, DOT is free to begin awarding funding.

DOT Taking Applications for INFRA Grants

January 15, 2020

The U.S. Department of Transportation is accepting applications for the next round of Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grants.

The program has $906 million available this year for funding projects that support infrastructure improvements.

INFRA grants seek to promote projects with national and regional economic vitality goals while leveraging non-federal funding to increase the total investment by state, local and private partners.

In a news release, DOT said the program uses incentives to encourage project sponsors to pursues strategies such as public-private partnerships.

Criteria for 2020 grants include broadband deployment and intelligent transportation systems.

Eligible INFRA project costs may include reconstruction, rehabilitation, acquisition of property (including land related to the project and improvements to the land), environmental mitigation, construction contingencies, equipment acquisition and operational improvements directly related to system performance.

Ten percent of the funding is available for small projects and at least 25 percent of the program funding must go toward rural projects.

A large project is defined as a grant of at least $25 million while a small project must involve a grant of at last $5 million. Applications are due by Feb. 25.

DOT Revamps FASTLANE Grant Program

July 1, 2017

The U.S. Department of Transportation has reworked a grant program to focus on freight-related infrastructure projects that receive some funding from the private sector and other non-federal sources.

Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-Term Achievement of National Efficiencies, better known as FASTLANE, has been renamed Infrastructure for Rebuilding America and will make $1.5 billion available for infrastructure projects.

In a news release, DOT said the grant guidelines have been revised to “evaluate projects to align them with national and regional economic vitality goals and to leverage additional non-federal funding.”

INFRA grants will also be used for safety-oriented projects.

For a large project, the INFRA grant must be at least $25 million. For a small project, the grant must be at least $5 million. For each fiscal year of INFRA funds, 10 percent of available funds are reserved for small projects and at least 25 percent of funding will go toward rural projects.

The FASTLANE program was authorized under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act to provide competitive grants or credit assistance to nationally and regionally significant freight and highway projects.