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Kentucky Miners Continue Blocking CSX Branch Line

August 17, 2019

Laid off coal miners in eastern Kentucky are continuing to block the movement of a coal train by CSX after they rejected a settlement offer from the new owner of the mine where they once worked.

The blockade of the Poor Fork Branch near Cumberland has now entered its third week. The miners are protesting not having been paid for work they performed before being laid off.

The offer the miners turned down was made by KopperGlo Mining, which recently purchased Blackjewel Mining Cloverfork No. 3, which closed after the owner of Blackjewel sought bankruptcy protection in July.

KopperGlo reportedly offered to put the laid off miner back to work and pay them an average of $800 each toward their unpaid wages.

In return the miners would have to agree to cease blocking the CSX tracks.

One miner quoted by Trains magazine said the miners rejected the offer because it was $800 in exchange for $4,000 per miner in unpaid wages.

“The way we see it, we’ve already worked for it once, so we’re not interested in doing the work twice and getting paid for it once,” he said.

The blockade of the rail line began on July 29 and prevented a CSX coal train from leaving the mine in Harlan County.

The miners have said they will not allow the coal train to leave the mine until they are paid for the work they performed to mine the coal loaded in the 80-car train.

The protesting miners did allow a CSX crew to remove the three locomotives that had been attached to the train.