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Acquisition of Historic Locomotive Completed

November 3, 2021

The Railroad & Industrial Preservation Society has completed its acquisition of the sole surviving former Lehigh & New England diesel locomotive.

The Society plans to restore the Alco S2 to operating condition. It carries roster number 611.

The unit last operated for an Indiana grain elevator and was moved to Pennsylvania in 2016.

It is now on the Allentown & Auburn Railroad. The Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society also assisted with the move of the 611.

The L&NE operated in eastern Pennsylvania and was abandoned 60 years ago. It once

coal, slate and cement producers.

The R&IPS said it is seeking to raise $150,000 to fund restoration of No. 611. More information is available at

June Rail Excursion Set in Pennsylvania

April 27, 2017

The Lehigh & New England Railroad Preservation Society is hosting a June train ride, lunch, and slide show at the Pennsylvania-based Allentown & Auburn Railroad.

The society will show off its L&NE Alco S2 No. 611 during the event, which will begin at 9 a.m. with a train ride from Kutztown to Topton.

The train will stop en route for a picnic lunch. After the train ride there will be several slideshows about the L&NE with memorabilia also on display.

Tickets are $35 with the proceeds going toward restoration of No. 611.

L&NE 611 Completes Trip Home to Pennsylvania

May 11, 2016

Lehigh & New England No. 611 has completed it journey from Indiana to its new home in Pennsylvania.

The Alco S2 made the trip via flatcar from Emporia, Indiana, to the Allentown & Auburn Railroad at Topton, Pennsylvania

The locomotive had languished at an Indiana grain elevator for six years before being acquired by the Lehigh New England Preservation Society.

The group will work with the A&A and the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society to restore the locomotive to operation and its original L&NE paint scheme.

Among the first diesel locomotives acquired by the L&NE, No. 611 served the carrier until its abandonment in the 1960s.

Another One of its Kind No. 611

April 29, 2016



There is only one surviving diesel from the Lehigh & New England Railroad . . . and it was at Rockport last Monday. L&NE No. 611 is destined for restoration over east. It’s on a Read and Ready flat car. I was lucky the train in front of it was also flat cars.

Photographs by Roger Durfee

S2 Moving From Indiana to Pa. for Restoration

March 18, 2016

An Alco S2 once owned by the Lehigh & New England, is being moved from Indiana to eastern Pennsylvania for restoration.

The unit, numbered 611, will be restored by the Allentown & Auburn Railroad with help from members of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society, and the Lehigh New England Preservation Society.

Restoration effects include repainting No. 611 to its original L&NE livery.

The S2 is currently being stored at the former Emporia Grain mill in Emporia, Indiana.

The diesel will be loaded onto a flatcar and moved via CSX to Cleveland where it is expected to be interchanged to Norfolk Southern.

No. 611 was among the earliest diesel locomotives built for the L&NE, although officials are unsure of when it was built other than in the middle 1940s.

It is the last remaining diesel from the L&NE, which was abandoned during the 1960s.

After leaving the L&NE, No. 611 worked at the Fort Motor Company River Rouge steel mill complex in Detroit and spent time at the Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Railway.

It has not worked at the Indiana grain company for the past six years, but workers there have continued to start it up over the years.