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Brookville Sends Streetcar to Tempe

March 17, 2021

Pennsylvania-based Brookville Equipment Corporation said it has delivered the first of six Liberty® NXT Streetcar vehicles to Valley Metro for its Tempe Streetcar system in the Phoenix metropolitan area

The 72-foot-long vehicles were delivered as part of a $33 million contract for the design, build and test of the streetcars for the three-mile system, which is slated to open this year.

The streetcars use a lithium-ion battery onboard energy storage system while traveling sections track segments without an overhead catenary system.

The batteries recharge while connected to the overhead wire.

Brookville Delivers Streetcars to Oklahoma City

February 19, 2018

Brookville Equipment Corporation of Brookville, Pennsylvania, announced last week that it has delivered the first of seven Liberty streetcars to Oklahoma City.

The off-wire capable streetcars are part of a $33.7 million contract that covers the design, engineering and manufacturing of the vehicles, along with spare parts, training, and service and warranty support.

The cars are slated to begin revenue service this year in downtown Oklahoma City on a 2-mile east-west loop and a 4.9-mile north-south loop.

Brookville earlier delivered Liberty streetcars to Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Detroit’s QLINE system.

Brookville Completes Cars for Detroit M1 Rail

April 13, 2017

Pennsylvania-based Brookville Equipment said this week it has delivered the fifth and sixth off-wire-capable Liberty Streetcars to the Detroit-based QLINE system “ahead of contractual delivery dates and prior to the QLINE’s recently announced May 12 start of revenue service.”

The cars were built in Brookville, Pennsylvania, and will operate on a 6.6-mile loop on Woodward Avenue without catenary for 60 percent of the route.

Other features of the nearly 67-foot long cars are a 70 percent-plus low-floor area, station-level passenger boarding, and the capability to transport up to 125 passengers.

“Throughout the project, our deliveries occurred [on] an average of 57 days ahead of their contractual dates, beginning with the pilot vehicle’s arrival in September 2016,” Brookville said in a news release “Since that time, the streetcars have been gradually undergoing testing in preparation for the forthcoming line opening.”

Brookville also has delivered Liberty Streetcars to Dallas Area Rapid Transit and is under contract with the City of Oklahoma City and the City of Milwaukee for the production of similar vehicles.

Brookville Delivers More Liberty Streetcars

August 5, 2016

The fourth Liberty Streetcar has been delivered by Brookville Equipment of Brookville, Pennsylvania, to Dallas, which concludes an order placed in July 2015.

Brookville EquipmentBrookville said in a news release that it is currently building six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars for the Q Line streetcar line in Detroit.

The Detroit cars are slated to be delivered starting this fall.

Brookeville said the Liberty Streetcar is the first off-wire capable streetcar to operate in the United States.

Brookville Delivers 3rd Streetcar to Dallas

July 3, 2016

The third of four Liberty Streetcars built by Pennsylvania-based Brookville Equipment Corporation has been shipped to Dallas and is expected to enter service soon for Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Brookville EquipmentBrookville said it delivered this past spring the first vehicle for DART six months prior to the contractual delivery date.

The cars have energy storage systems for off-wire operation and an automatic leveling system for station-level boarding.

The fourth streetcar, which is the last one in the order, is being assembled and is expected to be released soon from the Brookville plant in Pennsylvania.