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When She Said Short, She Meant Short

April 9, 2016

Short light power

Traffic was backed up on a Saturday afternoon in Bellevue. Given that the city is a hub for five Norfolk Southern routes and is home to a major yard, that is hardly surprising.

The Bellevue dispatcher told a train waiting to come into the yard off the Fostoria District that it would be next after a short light power move going toward the Sandusky [District] side had cleared up.

When I think of a light power move I think of multiple locomotives, maybe as many as 10 of them.

So along came a lone locomotive running long hood forward. It looked more like a switching move than a light power move.

So when the dispatcher said it was short, she meant it literally. One nice thing about it running long hood forward is that the resulting image I made exposed some detail that you miss when photographing locomotives nose-on and/or when they are coupled to something.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

Good Old Fashioned Train Chase

November 18, 2012

The chase begins as we intercept the light power move west of Attica Junction, a.k.a. Siam, Ohio.We barely were able to get into position to get this shot.

I caught up with fellow Akron Railroad Club member Roger Durfee on Saturday morning in Macedonia for what turned out to be a good old fashioned train chase on CSX. The railroad was hosting a light power move of 11 former Santa Fe locomotives, most of them GP30s.

The retired locomotives were part of a group of 22 purchased by LTEX and being moved over CSX into two batches. Saturday’s move operated as symbol X791.

It seemed liked dozens of railfan photographers turned out to record the move. Here are nine images from among the many that I shot during our chase.

Photographs by Craig Sanders

Coming into Willard Yard along a still to be harvested corn field along Town Line Road 12 west of the town.

After about an hour in Willard, during which time the train changed crews, the X791 was on the move east again. The train is about to duck under Cornwell Avenue (Ohio Route 99).

No chase of a train on the former Baltimore & Ohio east of Willard is complete without an across-the-field shot after the crops have been harvested. This image was taken along Boughtonville Road west of the road’s namesake village.

Approaching the grade crossing east of Boughtonville with Boughtonville Road.

The X791 got delayed for about an hour west of Greenwich waiting on three westbounds. Track work on the New Castle Subdivision apparently had that line down to single track. Finally, X791 got a signal and proceeded east. Fortunately for the photographers, the last locomotive was facing the “right” direction.

Nova Tower still stands. Who knows how many Santa Fe and ex-Santa Fe locomotives have passed by it all these years.

Catching up with the X791 before it reached Akron seemed out of the question so we made a beeline for there. Our final images of the X791 would be from the Thronton Street overpass.

The Akron skyline looms in the background as the X791 takes the signal at Exchange Street and continues its trek to LTEX at Lordstown.