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NTSB Wants Inward, Outward Cameras

September 6, 2017

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all commuter trains and streetcars have inward-facing and outward-facing video cameras with sound.

The NTSB made that recommendation in response to a Feb. 17 collision in Philadelphia of two Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority subway trains, injuring four.

Neither of the trains involved in that collision was equipment with video or audio equipment

In its report, the NTSB cited a list of incidents in which video imagery would have helped determine a cause of an accident.

The safety panel has previously recommended that the Federal Railroad Administration require cameras on intercity and commuter trains.

NS Locomotives to Get Inward-Facing Cameras

July 2, 2015

Norfolk Southern has begun to install inward-facing cameras in its locomotives.

In a statement, the railroads said it began installing the cameras following recommendations by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The company contends that the cameras are designed to enhance safety and security of NS employees, operations and the public.
NS plans to equip 150 road locomotives by the end of 2016. The work is being done at the Shaffers Crossing Locomotive Shops in Roanoke, Virginia, but is expected to expand to other shops next year.

The cameras will record video only. Railroad officials said that data will only be retrieved following a serious incident or as part of an investigation.

The NTSB recommended that railroads install inward-facing cameras following a 2012 head-on collision between two Union Pacific trains in Oklahoma.