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W.Va. Ups Funding for MARC Service

December 21, 2019

A MARC train approaches the station in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, on the bridge over the Potomac River.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has agreed to provide additional funding that will keep MARC commuter trains operating to the Mountain State at the current level of service.

The state will spend an additional $1.1 million from the civil contingency fund to keep three weekday roundtrips operating between Washington and Martinsburg.

MARC had threatened to reduce service to one weekday roundtrip unless West Virginia paid more money for the service.

The West Virginia legislature had appropriated $1.2 million for MARC service, which was far short of the $3.4 million demanded by the State of Maryland to keep the service at existing levels.

It was the first time that Maryland had asked West Virginia to contribute to the operating costs of MARC service.

Maryland had set a Nov. 30 deadline for the funding, but extended it because negotiations appeared to be moving to a resolution.

Local governments served by the trains will also provide some funding.

The two states are still discussing a long-term funding plan that will extend beyond the current fiscal year.

MARC Service to W.Va. Continues Unchanged After Nov. 30 Deadline Passes for Additional Funding to be Made

December 13, 2019

No change has occurred in MARC commuter rail service to West Virginia despite a Nov. 30 deadline for the state to increase its funding to continue the existing level of service.

A West Virginia legislator said negotiations continue over MARC’s demand for $3.4 million to fund service at existing levels.

The West Virginia legislature provided just $1.1 million, which led MARC to say it would trim service from three weekday roundtrips between Washington and Martinsburg, West Virginia, to one roundtrip.

West Virginia legislator John Doyle said the parties continue to discuss funding and an agreement appears to be near.

Some local West Virginia communities have agreed to provide funding for the service.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has said the state will pay the difference between what local governments agree to pay and what MARC is seeking.

MARC has said it will not reduce the level of service without issuing a 30 day notice, which it has yet to do.