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EL Monday: Inside the Marion Yard

November 22, 2021

The late Mike Ondecker seldom took photographs of railroad operations but he enjoyed traveling to view them.

Except for using a Kodak Instamatic in 1967 and his aunt’s nearly 30-year-old 120 medium format roll film camera in 1968, I doubt Mike took another railroad photo after that.

He, John Woodard, and I had some amazing trips together. Mike was a great friend, first-class driver, and the person who got photographic permission.

Here are some of his Instamatic photos from what I believe to be the Erie Lackawanna yard in Marion in 1967.

There are a variety of scenes including locomotives, rolling stock of various railroads, the coaling tower, the hump and the hump tower. The selection also include some cars damaged in a derailment.

Article by Robert Farkas, Photos by Mike Ondecker

EL Monday: A F Unit in Akron

August 30, 2021

Erie Lackawanna F7A No. 7131 passes the former Erie passenger station in Akron on Aug. 25, 1968. Built in March 1961 as Erie 807A, it was later renumbered by the Erie as 713A. At the time this image was made the station was still being used by EL’s Lake Cities between Chicago and Hoboken, New Jersey.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

EL Monday: Representing the L in EL

August 23, 2021

Erie Lackawanna SW8 switcher No. 368 works in Marion in late December 1967. The switcher still bears Delaware, Lackawanna & Western markings and was built for that railroad in June 1957

The photographer had photographed this same switcher in Marion the previous summer. The switcher would work for Conrail as No. 8697.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

Another B&O F7A at Work

May 13, 2021

We don’t know where this image of Baltimore & Ohio F7A No. 4590 was made. We do know it was made in mid 1968.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

EL Monday in Akron

August 10, 2020

We’ve got an Erie Lackawanna Alco S2 switcher for EL Monday today.

No. 518 is working with a train in Akron in 1968 in front of the passenger station.

McCoy Street Yard was a short distance out of sight to the left.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

EL Monday Beneath Akron’s Famous Twin Spires

July 20, 2020

The twin spires of St. Bernard Catholic Church in downtown Akron are among the most photographs icons in town.

Countless photographs made over the decades of Erie, Baltimore & Ohio, and Pennsylvania Railroad trains featured those spires in the background because of their location near the tracks and Akron Union Depot.

The original St. Bernard’s was built in 1861 on the site now occupied by the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame. Construction of the current church at 44 University Avenue began in 1902.

Imagine all the trains that those spires have seen in the past century.

That would have included EMD F3A No.  8031 leading an eastbound in Akron in 1968.

This locomotive was built in July 1947 for the Erie Railroad, so it must have seen these spires a lot over the years of its service life.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

EL Monday From Marion

July 6, 2020

The late Mike Ondecker used an Instamatic camera to photograph Erie Lackawanna Alco FA2 No. 7391 and Alco S1 switcher 307 in Marion in 1967 or 1968.

No. 307 still wears its Erie Railroad livery and it should feel at home with No. 7391 because it, too, is of Erie heritage.

A website that tracks the whereabouts of former EL locomotives reports that No. 307 is still around and was last owned by the New York Cross Harbor Railroad.

Although No. 7391 did not survive, you can buy an HO scale model of it from Walters.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

GEs for an EL Monday

May 11, 2020

The late Mike Ondecker caught General Electric demonstrators 304 and 303 leading an eastbound Erie Lackawanna freight through Akron in mid-1968.

Note the two trailers on flatcar in the consist behind the motive power.

In recent years intermodal shipments largely moved in dedicated trains, but with precision scheduled railroading dominating operations at most Class 1 railroads such sights as this, which used to be common, are coming back into vogue.

Nos. 303 and 304 were built in June 1966 as U30B models, but were later converted into U36B units when they were transformed to 3,600 horsepower.

After being downgraded back to 3,000 horsepower, the units were sold to the Western Pacific where they had roster numbers 770 and 771.

Photograph by Mike Ondecker

When the P&LE Served Youngstown

April 12, 2020

We’re taking another look today inside the collection of images made by the late Mike Ondecker.

In today’s series we’ve gone back to mid 1968 to take a look at Pittsburgh & Lake Erie diesels in Youngstown.

In the top image is GP7 No. 5727, which was built for the P&LE in April 1953.

It later served the Illinois Central Railroad, where it was rebuilt into a GP8 and given roster number 7965.

In the bottom image we see a pair of SW9 switchers, Nos. 8939 and 8938.

Notice how the last three numbers on the cab are at an angle.

Both units were built in March 1951. No. 8938 would spend all of its career on the P&LE, but the 8939 would move off the property to enjoy a second life on various other short line railroads.

Photographs by Mike Ondecker

A Pair From New Castle in 1968

April 2, 2020

The late Mike Ondecker often traveled with Bob Farkas on railroad photograph expeditions in the 1960s and 1970s.

However, these photographs were made during a trip Mike made on his own to New Castle, Pennsylvania, in 1968.

In the top image, Pittsburgh & Lake Erie No. 5719 has a bent frame and missing handrail.

It would be sent to Penn Central’s Collinwood diesel shop in Cleveland.

Reportedly it was to be repaired and put back in service. Notice also the big dent in the nose of former New York Central No. 1696.

Striegel Supply Company Alco S-2 No. 9386 is bound for the Striegel scrap yard in Baltimore.

This unit was built for the New York Central in October 1945.

Photographs by Mike Ondecker