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Detroit to Auction Narrow Gauge Trolley Cars

October 29, 2014


A half-dozen narrow gauge trolley cars are among the hundreds of items that the city of Detroit will auction next month.

The cars, which were operated by the Detroit Citizens Railway, will be put on the block on Nov. 5.

The cars were built for a mile-long trolley route that was built in the 1970s, but failed to attract much ridership.

It was built as part of a downtown redevelopment project that itself failed to gain traction. Reportedly, just one car was still operating when the trolley line closed in June 2003.

There were originally nine single-truck trolleys on the line, including seven closed cars, an open bench car, and a double-decker open top car from the Burton & Ashby system in England.

Three of the Detroit cars are reportedly up for sale in the Pacific Northwest.
The Detroit cars were built in Portugal. The tracks of the trolley line are said to be covered with asphalt or buried in dirt.

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