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Steam Saturday: More New Hampshire Memories

April 3, 2021

Our many vacations to New Hampshire always included visits to railroad attractions. I always shot photos while Ursula provided video coverage as seen in the photo at Bartlett, New Hampshire of Conway Scenic 0-6-0 ex-Canadian National No, 7470.

At North Woodstock, New Hampshire, we visited the Clark’s Trading Post, which is famous

for the trained bear shows and logging railroad steam collection.

We were fortunate to get a cab ride in Climax No. 6.

I’m sure Betty and Barney Hill would have made the same choice as we did.

The excursion they had the privilege to go on supposedly was just up the road from Clark’s 50 years previous.

Our adventures were September 2011. Betty & Barney’s was September 1961.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

Steam Saturday: A Day on the Mt. Washington Cog Railway

March 27, 2021

The Mount Washington Cog railway is a fascinating operation to see, ride and photograph.

Sure, the modern biodiesels that began operation in 2008 outnumber the operating steam locomotives.

Of the eight steamers that were operational, two are still in operating condition and power two trains during the majority of the season.

The switches that required nine movements to throw a switch were replaced in the early 2000s by a still unusual automatic moving switch.  

All of the images shown here were made on Sept. 3, 1990.

In the images above, Moosilauke last operated in 2006. A major boiler overhaul was  halted in 2007,  a result of the conversion to biodiesel locomotives to power the majority of trains.

The Tip Top is pushing our coach up to the top of Mt. Washington. Two views are shown from the summit.

Nine movements of a switch were made for our train to take siding on our way down.

We went into the siding to allow No. 9 to pass on its trip up. This locomotive still operating today.

In another view we are again heading down and No. 6 is in the siding to allow us to pass. No. 6 last operated in 2010 and is stored serviceable.

Back at the base, No. 2  is preparing to depart. This locomotive is still in operation.

No. 4 is shown preparing to depart. This locomotive was retired in 2009, donated to the village of Twin Mountain, New Hampshire, in 2013 and put on display at the intersection  of U.S. Routes 3 and 302.

Another photo shows a train heading up and there are two in the photo heading up.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

A Fascination With New Hampshire Railroads

October 21, 2020

Ursula and I have a fascination for New Hampshire and we made return visits in 1995 and 1996.

In late summer 1995 we were present for the inaugural excursion of Conway Scenic’s reopening of the former Maine Central Crawford Notch line.

On Aug. 29, 1995, we scouted to decide on photo and video locations. In October 1996 we returned for an encore and also to revisit North Conway and ex-Canadian National 0-6-0 No. 7470.

The top photograph shows the famous ball signal at Whitefield, New Hampshire, where the Maine Central crossed the Boston & Maine.

The excursion train did not travel this far west, but I still wanted to photograph it since I read about it. The image was made on Aug. 29, 1995.

The next two images are both from Sept. 1, 1995. The first of the two is at Willey Brook trestle while the next image was made at Notchland.

Skipping ahead to Oct. 1, 1995, we made images in Fabyans, Crawfords, North Conway.

The first of the North Conway images shows a golf cart path crossing.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas