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Bids Being Sought for Elyria Station Project

January 17, 2018

Lorain County Commissioners are seeking proposals for a construction manager of the long stalled plan to create a new platform in Elyria for Amtrak passengers.

The platform will be located in the former New York Central passenger station, which serves as a public transportation center for local buses.

County Administrator Jim Cordes expects the proposal will go to bid soon.

“It’s been progressing along fairly slowly, but it’s been progressing,” Cordes said. “We’re at the point now where I’m bringing a project manager to get ready to build something.”

Amtrak currently uses a shelter at 410 East River Street. A modular station at that site was destroyed by fire in 2013.

The existing station also has limited accessibility for those with disabilities and Amtrak must use Track No. 2 of the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern.

The new platform, which is expected to cost between $8 million and $10 million, will feature a bridge spanning the two NS tracks.

It also will include elevators and stairways to provide access to two partially enclosed platforms for passengers.

Lorain County will pay 5 percent to 8 percent of the project cost, with the rest of the money coming from federal, state and Amtrak funding.

Cordes said no start of construction date has yet been set, but expects that to change once the project had been awarded.

He said although work on the project has been slow, it never was in danger of ending. Much of the slow pace was due to reviews of the proposal by the county, NS and Amtrak.

“We’d exchange paperwork, then there’d be tweaks, more paperwork and then more tweaks,” Cordes said. “It was easy to lose focus. It had been a slow project to begin with, and the complicated relationships made it even more so.”

Elyria is service by Amtrak’s Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited and Chicago-New York/Boston Lake Shore Limited.

NY Model Railroad Shop to Rebuild Station

September 18, 2014

A New York State model railroad shop that had been housed in a former New York Central depot that was destroyed by fire last May plans to rebuild.

Stan Slade, the owner of the Despatch Junction store in East Rochester, plans to model his new store after an 1880s Victorian-style station that served Chelsea, Mich. The Michigan station was located on the former Michigan Central, which became part of the NYC system.

“I’m doing it because I want to, not because I have to – I should be retired on an island somewhere,” Slade said. “I had so many letters and things from people saying I should get back into it.”

Slade plans to rebuild the store on the same site. The local zoning board will not require a variance if he rebuilds within a year.

The Chelsea station, which Slade found in a book of photographs of old railroad stations, still stand. It was preserved by a community group after Amtrak ceased serving it in 1981.