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Retired NYC Subway Cars Coming to Ohio

March 5, 2022

Four former New York City subway cars are coming to Ohio atop flat cars traveling on CSX. They are R-32 class cars, also known as Brightliners.

A news release issued by New York City Transit, a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority did not say where in Ohio the cars are going or for what purpose.

The cars were to have their wheels removed and then placed onto flat cars of Frontier Industrial Corporation, which is based in Buffalo, New York.

The cars were to be handed over to CSX in Jersey City, New Jersey.

MTA said in the news release that at one time New York had a fleet of 600 of the stainless-steel Brightliners, which began service on Sept. 14, 1964.

The last Brightliner operated on Jan. 9. The MTA news release said the cars have been featured in many movies and were a nostalgic favorite for many subway riders.