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In Newton Falls in the Early CSX Era

September 23, 2022

The wayback machine has us in the early CSX era in Newton Falls. GP15T No. 1523 leads an eastbound in June 1988. The unit was built for the Chesapeake & Ohio in December 1982. Note the variation in motive power liveries of this lash-up.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

CPLs to Fall at Newton Falls, Lordstown

October 1, 2009

Richard Jacobs reports that he has learned that CSX will remove from service starting Octoer 5 the remaining Baltimore & Ohio-style color position light signals between Newton Falls and Lordstown.

CPLs will be removed between MP BG 98.3 (West End Newton Falls) and MP BG 92.1 (Rock Cut) near Lordstown and replaced with new color light signals.

New interlockings will also be activated. This will include an interlocking at MP BG 98.3 to be called West End HN that will have absolutes for the westbound siding to come back to the main, as well as back-to-back absolute signals on No. 2 track.

The interlocking on No. 1 main will be East End HN at MP BG 96.2 (Newton Falls) for the westbound siding back into the main going eastbound. “Newton Falls” will be the name of the interlocking for the crossovers at FS Tower and the entrance to the Newton Falls Subdivision.

“Scotty” will be the interlocking on both mains east of Newton Falls, where the eastbound siding comes back into No. 2 main. There will be back-to-back absolute signals on No. 1 main.

When the work is completed, there will be no more CPL signals between BD Tower in Akron and Lordstown. There will continue to be CPLs in Akron at Arlington Street, Exchange Street and Lambert. This segment of track has centralized traffic control under the jurisdiction of the IO dispatcher in Indianapolis.