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Land Transfer To Enable South Shore Track Project

January 8, 2022

A land transfer agreement completed in late December has enabled an Indiana commuter railroad to clear another hurdle in the South Shore double tracking project.

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District and Chicago, South Shore & South Bend completed a transaction with Northern Indiana Public Service Company that will enable double tracking of 17 miles of the South Shore between Gary and Michigan City to proceed.

In a news release, The CSS&SB said the double tracking will also boost its freight service.

NICTD oversees the South Shore Line commuter service between Chicago and South Bend, Indiana, while the CSS&SB is a freight railroad owned by Anacostia Rail Holdings.

The $300 million double-tracking project is expected to be completed by April 2024.

Currently the line has eight miles of double-track between Gary and Michigan City.

Funding for the project is coming from a variety of federal, state and private funds.

In a news release, Anacostia  said trains face a congestion at Burns Harbor where CSS&SB and NICTD trains share a single-track main line.

The release said once double tracking is completed, freight switching will be conducted north of the main line.

“This will allow CSS&SB to use some of NIPSCO’s now idle Bailly Generation Station  property to foster business development in Northwest Indiana,” the news release said.

3 Entities Work to Enable South Shore Track Project

August 17, 2018

Three entities are teaming up on a major trackwork project in northwest Indiana that will benefit the South Shore commuter line.

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, which oversees the South Shore, is working with the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad, which provides freight service on the tracks used by the commuter railroad, and the Northern Indiana Public Service Company.

They are undertaking a $300 million project that when completed in two years will add an additional 17 miles of second track to a 25-mile segment between Gary and Michigan City, Indiana. The segment already has eight miles of double track.

The project also needs federal funding, which if provided will enable it to be completed by 2021.

As part of the project the South Shore will use some of the utility company’s now idle Bailly Generating Station.

Officials said double-tracking the entire Gary-Michigan City segment will enable additional passenger and freight trains to operate more efficiently.

It will also alleviate congestion at Burns Harbor where freight and passenger trains share a single-track main line.

Upon completion of the double-track, South Shore switching operations will be conducted north of the main line.