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When Nova Tower Wasn’t Leaning So Much

March 23, 2023

CSX C40-8 No. 7509 is about to pass the long-gone remains of Nova Tower on June 21, 2010. The tower, which is now gone, wasn’t leaning so much then as it was in its final years.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

One Winter Day in Nova

December 2, 2022

We are in Nova on the former Baltimore & Ohio mainline that runs between Chicago and Pittsburgh via Akron.

Nova may be best known to some railfans for once having been the home of a tower that lasted for many years into the CSX era before being dismantled.

In the image above B&O SD40 No. 7591 leads an eastbound through town on Nov. 27, 1982. The unit was built in May 1967 and would later become CSX4620.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Remember the Leaning Tower of Nova?

December 2, 2022

Nova Tower has been gone for several years now, but in its final days it was a sought-after photo prop because it had a distinctive lean.

The tower was located on the CSX New Castle Subdivision in Nova, Ohio. It had been closed for years when the above photograph of a westbound CSX coal train was made on Oct. 17, 2010.

At one time Nova tower controlled signals and a crossover. Going back even further the Lorain, Ashland & Southern crossed the Baltimore & Ohio in Nova at grade. In B&O days it was known as VN Tower.

The tower has received minimal, if any maintenance, after its closing and it was somewhat surprising that it lasted as long as it did.

Nova Tower was razed on Nov. 22, 2013 and some of its components were moved by truck to a Utah railroad museum which said it would use them to create an interlocking tower.

Photograph by Craig Sanders

Nova Tower Two for Tuesday

December 21, 2021

Nova Tower was razed in late 2013, but for many years it was a “must visit” site on any photo expedition on the western end of the CSX New Castle Subdivision.

Shown above are a pair of trains that I caught passing the “leaning tower of Nova” on Aug. 7, 2009. I must have spent some time there because both trains are eastbound on Track 2.

It was not my first visit to Nova. I was there a year earlier and perhaps even that had not been my first sighting of Nova Tower. I have a hazy recollection that my first visit to Nova Tower occurred on an outing with Marty Surdyk in which we drove past the tower but no train was coming so we continued on.

At one time Nova tower controlled signals and a crossover here when the rails were the Baltimore & Ohio. Going back even further the Lorain, Ashland & Southern crossed the B&O in Nova at grade.

Nova can still be a good place to photograph trains, but without a former interlocking tower as a photo prop.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders

One Day in Nova

February 24, 2021

Nova Tower was still standing when I made a visit there on June 21, 2008, and caught this eastbound CSX train. This might have been the first time I ever photographed the tower and a train here but it wouldn’t be the last. Today Nova Tower is no more and the color position signals that stood here as well but are not shown in this view are also gone.

Photograph by Craig Sanders

Leaning Tower of Nova

January 20, 2021

Until it was razed several years ago the former interlocking tower in Nova on the CSX New Castle Subdivision was a popular photo prop for photographers. There weren’t many tower left and it is unclear how Nova Tower lasted as long as it did after it was closed.

As you can see from this June 21, 2008, photograph, the tower received minimal, if any, maintenance. Maybe the railroad thought it might fall down on its own, which seemed possible given how it had a slight lean.

Shown is an eastbound passing through Nova without any hint of slowing down.

Photograph by Craig Sanders

Steamy Memories for a Sunday

March 1, 2020

During the two years that the Chessie Steam Special ran hundreds of people came out to watch, photograph or ride the trains.

Here are two photos of the westbound Chessie Steam Special pulled by Chessie 2101 (ex-Reading 2101) in Nova on Aug. 19, 1978.

Notice how the interlocking tower didn’t seem to be leaning as much then as it did in later years before it was dismantled.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Jacobs Article Published in Railpace Magazine

May 29, 2010

An article by Akron Railroad Club member Richard Jacobs about the Nova tower has been published in the June 2010 issue of Railpace magazine.

The article focuses on the long-closed tower at Nova, Ohio, which was operated by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for many years. The tower still stands, although it is in decripit condition and is no longer used.

Jacobs’ article, which appears on Page 30 of the magazine, also spotlights the long since abandoned Lorain, Ashland & Southern railkroad.