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NS Introduces New ‘Black Mane’ Livery

August 19, 2016

NS conversion loco

Norfolk Southern has a new specialized livery that is designed to imitate the flying mane of a horse.

Dubbed “black mane,” the scheme has been applied to DC to AC conversion locomotive that underwent modification at the Juniata shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The first unit to get the “black mane” treatment is AC44C6M No. 4004, which entered the shop as D9-40C No. 8866.

The new livery is similar to that of other converted units, but retains the traditional black nose rather than having a blue one as was the case with the prototype conversion locomotives.

Blue accenting has been applied to simulate a horse’s mane flying as well as to transition from black to gray on the rest of the locomotive.

NS said in a statement that the “back mane” livery also shows that the locomotive was converted in the Juniata shops.