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It’s a Caboose!

April 25, 2021

They used to be on every freight train but then technology and labor reductions consigned them to a long list of things that used to be but are no more on America’s railroads.

But the caboose has a more romantic aura about it and was better known to most Americans than, say, an interlocking tower or trackside telephone booth.

Today the caboose is all but gone, primarily found on local trains. And even then it may not be a caboose per se but a shoving platform even if it used to be a caboose and still looks like one.

Shown is westbound Norfolk Southern local B23 in Goshen, Indiana, on the Chicago Line. The local originates in nearby Elkhart and works only as far east as Goshen before returning to the yard.

When I made this image on April 22, the B23 had two covered hopper cars and a caboose.

It may be battered and bruised but NS 555616 still has the classic look of a caboose and it’s still something out of the ordinary.

Waiting for Some Money and TLC

August 9, 2016

Bucyrus caboose 2-x

Bucyrus caboose-x

It sits by itself on a track to nowhere awaiting restoration in Bucyrus.

Built in February 1969 by International Railway Car Company in Kenton, Ohio, this model M930 caboose once carried Norfolk & Western roster number 518541.

Norfolk Southern gave it number 555541 and it remained in service through at least 2004.

At some point, it was donated to the Bucyrus Station Association, which would like to restore it. The car has been in Bucyrus since at least late summer 2012.

Although I didn’t see it during my visit, an online report indicated that there is a sign on the caboose seeking donations for the restoration project.

That seems to be the way it is with railroad restoration. There is always an ample supply of restoration opportunity and not enough money to make it happen.

Photographs by Craig Sanders