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NS Derails 15 Cars in Steubenville

November 8, 2022

Fifteen cars carrying trash in the consist of a Norfolk Southern train derailed Sunday morning in Steubenville.

There were no injuries. The derailment was reported to Jefferson County emergency personnel about 7 a.m. on Sunday.

The derailment site was along Ohio Route 7 and some trash containers dropped to the Ohio River.

Rob Herrington, Jefferson County Deputy Director of EMA and 911 Director, said workers were removing debris from the river using booms. He said it would take a few days to complete the cleanup.

Herrington said contractor RJ Corman Railroad Services was doing the cleanup work.

It was the third derailment on NS in Ohio in recent weeks. Other derailments have occurred in Ravenna on the Cleveland Line and in Sandusky on the Chicago Line.

NS Reopens Cleveland Line Following Derailment

November 3, 2022

Norfolk Southern reopened its Cleveland Line in Portage County on Wednesday just over a day after it was closed by a Tuesday night derailment.

Amtrak’s Capitol Limited resumed operating on Thursday morning between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Officials said there were no injuries in the derailment and no hazardous materials were involved.

Most of the derailed cars were auto racks, some of them carrying new Jeeps. Some cars carrying rock salt spilled their contents.

An NS spokesman said the train had four locomotives and 237 cars. It had originated at Conway Yard near Pittsburgh and was en route to Bellevue when the derailment occurred around 7 p.m. near Lake Street in Ravenna.

The NS spokesman said 22 cars derailed. No cause of the derailment has been given by railroad officials.

The derailment closed South Prospect Street (Ohio Route 44) for several hours and disrupted school bus service in the Ravenna school district.

Laura Hebert, superintendent of Ravenna City Schools, said a school bus serving the neighborhood was unable to pick up children for school.

Route 44 was reported to have been closed between Sandy Lake Road and Summit Road.

Amtrak’s westbound Capitol Limited that had departed Washington for Chicago on Tuesday afternoon turned back at Pittsburgh to become Train 30. The eastbound Capitol Limited departure of Tuesday evening was cancelled.

Nos. 29 and 30 were operating the length of their routes on Thursday. No. 30 was reported to have departed Alliance at 3:44 a.m., 39 minutes late.

The derailment was reported to the Ravenna Township Fire Department at 7:12 p.m. on Tuesday.

News reports quoted a resident of the Timber Run housing development as saying,”It sounded like a plane was about to crash into our houses.”

One resident who joined the crowd watching the cleanup said his boat had been destroyed in the derailment, but he was excited about the prospect of receiving a check from NS for it.

NS Train Derails in Ravenna Tuesday Night

November 2, 2022

No injuries were reported after a Norfolk Southern train derailed Tuesday night near Ravenna.

A report by the Akron Beacon Journal said the derailment occurred around 7:45 p.m. and blocked Ohio Route 44 in Ravenna Township just south of Summit Road.

An online report indicated the derailment occurred at milepost 82.4 and involved train M0Q.

A statement released by the Potage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said 16 cars derailed.

No hazardous materials were involved. The cars were reported to be carrying rock salt and other materials.

Photographs posted online showed loaded auto rack cars having derailed.

“It sounded like a plane was about to crash into our houses,” a nearby Ravenna resident told the Beacon Journal.

A Portage County Sheriff’s Deputy at the derailment site who was questioning individuals said he had not found any eyewitnesses.

An online report said the train had 187 loads and 49 empties. The derailment blocked both tracks of the Cleveland Line.

Amtrak’s eastbound Capitol Limited did not operate Tuesday night. Reportedly, the westbound Capitol turned back at Pittsburgh to become No. 30.

The superintendent of the Ravenna school district tweeted that the derailment near Lake Street would affect the district’s ability to pick up some students on Wednesday.

“We will not be able to pick up students living along Prospect St. South of Summit Rd and in the Timber Run neighborhood.  Other routes may be late! Stay tuned!” he said in a Twitter post.

Street Still Closed for Derailment Cleanup

October 12, 2022

A street in Sandusky remained closed on Tuesday as workers cleaned up a Norfolk Southern derailment.

Columbus Avenue was blocked after tank cars from a Saturday afternoon derailment of Train 310 fell onto the roadway.

The tank cars were carrying paraffin wax and although some of it leaked officials said that did not create a health hazard.

No injuries were reported in the derailment whose cause remains under investigation.

A city official told the Sandusky Register that Columbus Avenue would remain closed until further notice. Officials were trying to determine if road repairs were needed.

Sandusky Derailment Snarls NS Chicago Line

October 11, 2022

An aerial view shows the NS Derailment on Columbus Avenue in Sandusky. (Photo by City of Sandusky)

No injuries were reported after a Saturday afternoon derailment of NS Train 310 in Sandusky that snarled traffic on the Chicago Line.

The derailment occurred on a bridge over Columbus Avenue and sent tank cars and debris to the street below.

News reports indicated that the derailed cars were carrying paraffin wax. Although some cars spilled some of their load, officials said that posed no hazardous materials threat.

The derailment, which occurred about 4 p.m, knocked down a power line, interrupting electrical service to about 1,300 customers.

Amtrak’s eastbound and westbound Lake Shore Limited and Capitol Limited were combined on Sunday morning in Toledo and Cleveland respectively to take a detour route via Bellevue over former Nickel Plate Road tracks.

The detour left the Chicago Line at Oak Harbor and rejoined it west of Vermilion.

Trains magazine reported the combined trains lost about two hours in each direction during the detour.

The magazine’s report said the runs of the Capitol Limited that were scheduled to depart Sunday were canceled in their entirety.

The Lake Shore Limited operated from Chicago to Toledo on Sunday night and Toledo to Chicago on Monday morning.

The segment of the Lake Shore between Toledo and New York was cancelled.

An Amtrak spokesman told Trains the cancellations were “based on what Norfolk Southern can accommodate” on the detour route.

The Sandusky Register reported Sunday night that workers were still clearing debris from Columbus Avenue.

An NS official told the Register that 20 of the 101 cars on the train derailed. Power to Sandusky residents and businesses that had been disrupted by the derailment had been restored by Sunday afternoon.

An online report indicated that Train 310 was crossing over when the derailment occurred.

NS traffic did not resume going through the area of the derailment until Sunday evening.

No Injuries in NS Derailment in North Lawrence

August 16, 2022

No injuries were reported when a Norfolk Southern train derailed Monday morning in North Lawrence on the Fort Wayne Line.

The derailment occurred after a truck hauling a crane struck the train at a grade crossing in the 3700 block of Manchester Avenue NW.

Authorities said 19 cars derailed, including two that landed in Newman Creek.

Although a Stark County hazardous materials team was called to the scene, no hazardous materials leaked from any of the derailed cars. NS said the cars that derailed were empty

Several roads in the vicinity of the derailment were closed but were expected to be reopened by Tuesday morning.

The derailment occurred about 7:45 a.m. on Monday. One news report quoted fire department officials as saying the truck may have been traveling too fast down a hill leading to the crossing.

Following the derailment, Ohio Route 93 was closed between Orrville Street NW and Youth Street NW to allow heavy machinery to reach the site and remove the wreckage.

Heather Snyder, 51, of North Lawrence, told The Repository of Canton that she heard the crash from her home in the 4500 block of Clermont Street NW.

“I was getting ready for work and I heard the loudest noise I’ve ever heard,” she said. “My son and I went to take pictures.There’s tankers in Newman Creek,” Snyder said in reference to tank cars in the train’s consist.

An online report said the train was the 171, which originates in Conway Yard near Pittsburgh and operates via Columbus and Cincinnati to Chattanooga, Tennessee (DeButts Yard). The truck was reported to have been traveling southward when it struck the train.

2 NS Crew Members Allege Negligence in Lawsuit Stemming From 2021 Derailment

August 13, 2022

Two Norfolk Southern crew members injured in a December 2021 derailment caused by a rockslide have filed suit against their employer.

The locomotive engineer and train conductor, identified respectively as Matthew Marchionda and conductor Edward Mansfield, content in the lawsuit that negligence by NS led to the accident.

The derailment was noteworthy because one of the locomotives involved was ES44AC No. 8099, the Southern Railway heritage unit, which turned over on its side.

Two locomotives and five cars were derailed in the accident, which occurred in Baldwin, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

The train was en route from Chicago to New Jersey and was traveling about 40 p.m. when it struck the rockslide.

The lawsuit said Mansfield suffered a head injury, concussion, other injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marchionda suffered a head injury, concussion, internal, and spinal injuries, the lawsuit said.

The suit argues NS was negligent because it failed to properly inspect the track or install protective fencing. Nor did it instruct crews to operate at a reduced speed because of dangerous conditions.

Derailed NS Cars Removed from Waterway

June 1, 2022

Workers finished on Sunday removing derailed rail cars from a creek in the Pittsburgh area that is a tributary of the Allegheny River.

The derailment occurred on May 26 after a Norfolk Southern train derailed after striking a loaded dump truck containing stone for a sewer plant.

Nine freight cars landed in Deer Creek in Harmar Township on the NS Connemaugh Line.

The cars leaked about 3,000 gallons of petroleum distillate, which prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to close a portion of the Allegheny River to boating during the Memorial Day weekend. Those restrictions have since been lifted.

Two NS crew members and the truck driver were treated at a local hospital following the derailment, which involved two locomotives and 17 rail cars.

Derailment Oil Spills Leads to River Closure

May 27, 2022

The U.S. Coast Guard has ordered closed to boating a portion of the Allegheny River near Pittsburgh after investigators found an oil spill from a Norfolk Southern derailment in the water.

The derailment occurred Thursday afternoon in Harmar Township on the Conemaugh Line.

It was caused by the train hitting a dump truck carrying stone for a sewage plant at a grade crossing.

Seventeen cars derailed with nine of them landing in Deer Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny. The derailment site is 100 yards from the Allegheny.

Also derailed were two of the train’s four locomotives. The train had 109 loaded cars and 116 empties.

A NS spokesman told reporters that investigators on Friday morning found leakage from a tank car. Two leaks discovered earlier that involved petroleum distillate were contained.

Workers were using floating booms in Deer Creek to prevent the spread of the leaking fluid.

The Coast Guard said the river will remain closed until the derailed cars are removed from the water.

Two NS crew members were treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening. An NS spokesman said the crew members have since been released from the hospital. The truck driver also was injured in the collision.

Workers are making repairs to the railroad’s bridge over Deer Creek, which was damaged during the derailment.

NS Crew Members Injured in Derailment

May 26, 2022

Two Norfolk Southern crew members were injured after their train derailed after striking a construction vehicle at a grade cross in Harmar Township in the Pittsburgh region on Thursday afternoon.

News reports indicated that 17 cars derailed, and a railroad bridge was damaged. The bridge spans a tributary of the Allegheny River and some freight cars landed in the water.

One of the train’s locomotives landed on its side and at least one tank car leaking its contents. Officials said later that the leak had been contained.

Also injured was the driver of the truck. No details were immediately released on the condition of the injured but one news report described them as minor.

An NS spokesman said the eastbound train struck a dump truck carrying stone.

An online report indicated that the train was the 38G and the derailment occurred on the Conemaugh Line. The derailment also broke a water line owned by the Harmar Water Authority.