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NS Recalls 18 Altoona Shop Workers

February 22, 2022

Eighteen idled Norfolk Southern workers have been recalled at the Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

A news report quoted Bob Kutz, president of the Blair-Bedford Central Labor Council, that NS has brought back eight machinists, four boilermakers, three electricians, two pipefitters, and a carman.

NS had furloughed 86 workers last July and eliminated 14 positions through attrition. The shop now has 318 workers.

86 Lose Jobs at NS Altoona Locomotive Shop

July 13, 2021

Eight-six workers were furloughed last week at Norfolk Southern’s Juaniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

A news report indicated that another 14 positions were eliminated through attrition.

The workers were informed of the layoffs when they reported to work and were prohibited from entering the shop complex. The furloughs reported affected 32 electricians, 31 machinists, as well as those in other trades.

NS issued a statement saying the furloughs were part of a long-term business plan. However, union officials and a local state representative lambasted the job cuts.

“It’s all corporate greed,” said Stege Plazek, the local president of the Transport Workers Union, who was among those laid off. “They continue to slash manpower to fill their pockets.

”State Rep. Lou Schmitt (R-Altoona) said railroad managers were unwilling “to cut half a penny off their record-setting dividends to keep my people employed.”

The shop will continue to employ 400 workers.

NS Furloughs Shop Workers in Altoona

January 11, 2021

Seventeen mechanical workers at Norfolk Southern’s Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania, have been furloughed.

This included 10 carmen, six boilermakers, and one laborer.

Earlier news reports had indicated that NS planned to furlough mechanical workers at multiple locations in the NS system.

At the time NS described the job cuts as being made “to align our operations with the current economy.”

NS has not said how many workers it planned to furlough or give the locations where job cuts were being planned.

NS to Move Loco Shop Jobs to Altoona From Roanoke

February 19, 2020

Altoona, Pennsylvania, will be gaining jobs at the Juniata Locomotive Shop of Norfolk Southern but those gains will come at the expense of Roanoke, Virginia.

NS said it will close its Roanoke Distribution Center and transfer its locomotive shop work and jobs to Altoona.

The job cuts will reduce NS employment in the Roanoke region to 650.

The carrier said the downsizing comes in the wake of a 22 percent cut in the size of its locomotive fleet since 2018.

As a result NS said it no longer needs two heavy-repair locomotive facilities.

Another factor in the closing of the Roanoke shop is a decline in rail traffic through that city with coal volume having fallen by 48 percent and more declines expected.

About 85 NS mechanical workers will be affected in Roanoke and offered jobs in Altoona.

They also will be offered unspecified relocation benefits.

However, 19 clerical positions will be eliminated although those workers will be given the opportunity to apply for open positions elsewhere on NS.

NS said it expects the Roanoke Distribution Center will continue in operation through April 18 while workers at the Roanoke Locomotive Shop will remain on the job through May 18.

NS Cuts 95 Electricians at Juniata Shop

November 6, 2019

Norfolk Southern this week laid off 95 employees in its Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Dan Dorsch, president and local chairman of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, told an Altoona TV station that all of the laid off workers are electricians.

The layoffs are the latest in what has been a series of job cuts imposed by NS in the Altoona area and at other shops on its system.

In a statement, NS said the latest layoffs in Altoona are part of an “organizational realignment announced earlier this year.”

The statement noted that NS is using fewer locomotives and hence it has less demand for its locomotive maintenance and repair workforce.

“Norfolk Southern will continue to evaluate staffing needs as our business evolves,” the statement said.

NS said furloughed employees may have the opportunity to apply for positions, as available, elsewhere on its system.

Previous layoffs in Altoona involved 100 workers in early September and 50 last May.

NS Introduces New ‘Black Mane’ Livery

August 19, 2016

NS conversion loco

Norfolk Southern has a new specialized livery that is designed to imitate the flying mane of a horse.

Dubbed “black mane,” the scheme has been applied to DC to AC conversion locomotive that underwent modification at the Juniata shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The first unit to get the “black mane” treatment is AC44C6M No. 4004, which entered the shop as D9-40C No. 8866.

The new livery is similar to that of other converted units, but retains the traditional black nose rather than having a blue one as was the case with the prototype conversion locomotives.

Blue accenting has been applied to simulate a horse’s mane flying as well as to transition from black to gray on the rest of the locomotive.

NS said in a statement that the “back mane” livery also shows that the locomotive was converted in the Juniata shops.

NS to Make Juniata Shop More Energy Efficient

March 29, 2015

Norfolk Southern announced that it has begun a $53 million energy conversion project at its Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona, Pa., that will seek to cut carbon emissions and water usage at the 70-acre facility.

The shop’s coal boilers will be replaced with natural gas heaters and a 1.2-megawatt capacity combined heat and power generator that will produce enough electricity to cover the 16-building complex.

When completed in late 2017, NS expects the program to save $4 million in electricity costs, reduce water usage by 49.4 million gallons from steam-water recovery, and eliminate more than 29,000 tons of carbon emissions on an annual basis.

Also being added are insulation, energy-efficient windows at key locations, high-speed roll-up doors on locomotive bays, and new roofing.

“This project showcases Norfolk Southern’s commitment to sustainability and innovation,” CEO Wick Moorman said in a news release. “The Juniata Locomotive Shop has a 125-year legacy of leading the rail industry in locomotive technology, and with our energy conversion project, this shop and its employees will remain an industry frontrunner in the 21st century.”

NS said that the project follows a comprehensive review of work demands and energy consumption at Juniata, the largest locomotive repair shop in North America and headquarters for the railroad’s locomotive rebuild program. The shops have about 1,050 employees.