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Fall Foliage and Street Running

November 10, 2021

Hickory Street in Warsaw, Indiana, is famous for two blocks of street running on the Marion District of Norfolk Southern, which many railfans still like to call the Marion Branch.

A street project that wrapped up earlier this year changed the traffic patterns on Hickory for vehicles but not for trains. The street is now one lane northbound only with the other lane devoted to on-street parking.

Last Friday I chased the 13Q from Goshen to Warsaw with the objective of getting some fall foliage and street running. There were no colorful trees on Hickory itself, but a pair of tees with gold leaves were visible on Fort Wayne Avenue. The latter comes into Hickory at an angle on the north end of the street running at the crossing of East Main Street.

The 13Q, which was led by a Canadian National unit and had a CN unit on the rear as a DPU, is shown in the top image. However, the first train I saw run down the street was the 14J, whose rear is shown about to clear the street running in the bottom image.

Note that in theory through vehicles are prohibited on the tracks and in the easternmost lane. But during my time waiting for trains I saw a number of vehicles straddle the rails while waiting at the stop light to make a left turn onto Fort Wayne Avenue.

Just Sitting There

May 23, 2021

A friend and I had driven up to the Chicago Line to spend part of the day. We drove home in close proximity to the Marion District of Norfolk Southern which many of you might stiff refer to as the Marion Branch.

We had caught a northbound at Milford Junction and figured that would be our last catch of the day on this line. South of Wabash traffic on the Marion District gets rather sparse, maybe around six trains a day.

As we drove south on Indiana Route 13 we spotted an NS work train sitting in the Speicher siding north of Speicherville, Indiana.

The train had ballast cars and new cross ties were piled along the side of the track.

We got our photographs and continued onward feeling satisfied to have caught something we weren’t expecting.