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Just Sitting There

May 23, 2021

A friend and I had driven up to the Chicago Line to spend part of the day. We drove home in close proximity to the Marion District of Norfolk Southern which many of you might stiff refer to as the Marion Branch.

We had caught a northbound at Milford Junction and figured that would be our last catch of the day on this line. South of Wabash traffic on the Marion District gets rather sparse, maybe around six trains a day.

As we drove south on Indiana Route 13 we spotted an NS work train sitting in the Speicher siding north of Speicherville, Indiana.

The train had ballast cars and new cross ties were piled along the side of the track.

We got our photographs and continued onward feeling satisfied to have caught something we weren’t expecting.

The Monongahela Lives On

June 17, 2012

A couple of Monongahela Railway cabooses are still used in work train service. Shown is one of them in the street at West Brownsville, Pa., on June 13, 2012.

The Monongahela Railway disappeared into Conrail in 1993, but it has been given a new sliver of life with the painting of a Norfolk Southern 30th anniversary heritage locomotive in Mon colors.

Although Mon locomotives vanished years ago, not so a pair of Mon cabooses that are still used in work train service on former Mon lines. I caught one of them on Tuesday, June 13, 2012, running down the street in West Brownsville, Pa.

I was there in hopes of catching two NS heritage units that were known to leading a coal train loading at Bailey mine on the former Monongahela Manor Branch. The first train that we saw was a southboud work train.

We didn’t know this bay window caboose was on the end, so it was a pleasant surprise, a sort of heritage piece of rolling stock.

And, yes, we caught the heritage units in the street, too. See the post below.

Photographs by Craig Sanders

The Monongahela logo is still visible on the side of this Mon caboose.

The first vehicle “tailgating” the Norfolk Southern work train at West Brownsville is an NS MOW truck.