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N&W F Units in Brewster

February 23, 2018

Norfolk & Western Nos. 3697, 3717, and 3712 are at Brewster outside the N&W diesel shop in the late 1960s. Although the N&W had no F units of its own, these Fs are ex-Wabash.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

When the N&W Had F Units in Ohio

July 28, 2013


Although the Norfolk & Western never ordered F units of its own, it inherited Fs when it merged with the Wabash. Here are N&W Nos. 3697, 3717 and 3712 sitting in the early afternoon sun outside the Brewster shops. The N&W Fs were at Brewster in the late 1960s, but only for a short time. 

Photograph by Robert Farkas