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Ohio Rail Experience Sets 3 Trips in 2022

May 23, 2022

The Ohio Rail Experience has announced that it will offer three all-day trips this year, all of then running on two weekends in September.

The Spirit of Urbana is set for Sept. 10, operating from Washington Court House to Urbana and return. The next day the Lima Limited will run from Springfield to Lima and return.

On Sept. 17 the Return to the Big Four will operate from Cincinnati to Greensburg, Indiana, and return.

Tickets are expected to go on sale within the next 14 days.

The Ohio Rail Experience is a project of Cincinnati Scenic Railway, which operatives the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad in Lebanon.

More information is available at

Ohio Rail Experience Sets Fall Excursions

August 12, 2021

The Ohio Rail Experience has announced its slate of fall excursions most of which will run in western and southwestern Ohio with a few venturing into Indiana and Michigan.

Tickets for most trips can be purchased at

Two of the excursions are fund raising events and tickets must be purchased from the sponsoring agency.

Most trips are between six to 10 hours in duration and feature stopovers in the destination city.

Among the trips and their dates are: Blue Ash Flyer, Cincinnati and Blue Ash, Sept. 4; Fireworks train, Norwood and Cincinnati, Sept. 5; Lima Limited, Springfield and Lima, Oct. 9 and 10; South Charleston Rocket, South Charleston and Jeffersonville; Oct. 16; St. Paris Special, St. Paris and Maplewood; Oct. 17; DT&I to the Old Road, Leipsic and Blissfield, Michigan, Oct. 23; Lima and Quincy, Oct. 24; Return to the Big Four, Cincinnati and Greensburg, Indiana, Oct. 30; North Bend Flyer, Cincinnati and Dearborn County, Indiana, Oct. 31.

The Ohio Rail Experience is sponsored by Cincinnati Scenic Railway, which operates the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad in Lebanon, Ohio.

Ohio Rail Experience Announces Spring Excursions

March 14, 2021

The Ohio Rail Experience has announced that it will operate a series of excursions in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan starting May 15.

The first of those trips will run from Cincinnati to Greensburg, Indiana, on former New York Central trackage that was once part of the Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati route of the Big Four.

There will be a two-hour layover in Greensburg with limited dining options within walking distance of the Greensburg stop.

Other food and beverages will be available from the concession car onboard the train, the Queen City Tavern.

The trip is scheduled to take 10 hours. Tickets are $50 for economy coach, $65 for open window coach, and $85 for a deluxe coach.

Table class seating is priced at $200 to $350 and being sold in blocks to accommodate two or four people.

The train will depart at 9 a.m. from the boarding site in Cincinnati at 62 Thornton Ave.

On May 16, there will be three short trips of two hours each between Cincinnati and Dearborn County, Indiana, on former NYC track.

There will be no layover but concessions will be for sale in the Queen City Tavern car. Trains will depart at 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Tickets are $20 for an economy coach, $30 for an open wind coach, $35 for a deluxe coach and between $60 and $180 for table class.

The Lima Limited between Springfield and Lima in Ohio will operate on May 22 and 23 for a 9.5-hour 140-mile roundtrip over the former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Middle Subdivision.

The tracks are now owned by the Indiana & Ohio, a Genesee & Wyoming property.

There will be a layover in Lima and a complimentary shuttle to Lincoln Park to view the railroad displays of the Allen County Historical Museum.

Tickets are $50 for economy coach, $65 for open window coach, $85 for deluxe coach, $85 and between $200 to $350 for table class.

On May 29 and 30 there will be 9.5 hour excursions from Leipsic, Ohio, to Blissfield, Michigan. The excursion includes a two-hour layover in Blissfield.

The train will travel former DT&I rails from Leipsic to Riga, Michigan, and former NYC tracks from Riga to Blissfield that are now owned by the Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road.

There will be limited meal options in Blissfield within walking distance of the train stop. The Queen City Traven car will have concessions for sale.

Tickets are $50 for economy coach, $65 for open window coach, $85 for deluxe coach and $200 to $350 for table class.

More information and ticket purchases are available at

Ohio Rail Experience Announces 2020 Excursions

March 15, 2020

The Ohio Rail Experience has announced its trip lineup for 2020.

Tickets are now on sale for the Lima Limited of May 16 and 17, a full day excursion that will operate on each date between Springfield and Lima on the former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton.

Tickets are also on sale for the May 23 and 24 trips from Leipsic and Blissfield, Michigan, and return.

These trips will follow the former DT&I to Riga, Michigan, where the train will turn west on the

Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road (former New York Central Old Road).

There will be a two-hour layover in Blissfield.

On Sept. 5 the Blue Ash Flyer will board in Bond Hill and travel north through Norwood, Silverton and Blue Ash to the end of the line in Brecon.

The train will then reverse direction and make a two-hour stopover in Blue Ash.

Tickets for this excursion are expected to go on sale in late spring.

On the Sept. 6 the fireworks train will operate to the WEBN Cincinnati Bell Labor Day

Fireworks show that has been an end of summer tradition in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for more than 40 years.

The train will board at the Norwood Eagles Station and run down the former Pennsylvania Railroad’s Oasis Branch to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse where passengers can disembark for several hours to enjoy Riverfest and the Fireworks at 9 p.m.

After the fireworks the train will return to the Norwood Eagles Station. Tickets will go on sale in late spring.

2 Heritage Units, a Passenger Train and Fall Foliage

November 2, 2019

It’s not often that you get to see two heritage units operating on the same train but that was the attraction offered in October by The Ohio Rail Experience.

Part of the Cincinnati Scenic Railway, the excursion operator ran weekend excursions with its own former Nickel Plate Road GP30 No. 901 and the visiting Clinchfield Railroad No. 800.

Both units wear their original liveries.

The 800 was built for the Clinchfield in 1948 as an F3A but later rebuilt to F7 specifications that included newer traction motors.

Schedule conflicts kept me from chasing any of the excursion trains until the final weekend of operation, when the Lima Limited operated from Springfield to Lima and return over tracks of the former Detroit, Toledo & Ironton.

The line is now owned by Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary Indiana & Ohio.

I chased the Lima Limited with well-known railroad photographer David Oroszi of Dayton.

I had been emailing Dave about coming over to his house to help him identify photographs from the collection of the late Richard Jacobs, who during the latter years of his life had been active in the Akron Railroad Club and the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society.

In one of those email I mentioned my plans to chase the train on Sunday and asked him for suggestions as to where to photograph it. I am not familiar with the former DT&I.

Dave said he planned to chase the train on Saturday and Sunday and I could ride along with him on Sunday.

Of course I jumped at that opportunity. Not only does Dave know the former DT&I well, but he also makes a great tour guide.

As we drove through western Ohio, he pointed out where various rail lines used to run and had once intersected. He also showed me around Lima, a city I’ve never visited aside from passing through in the 1980s aboard Amtrak.

We started the chase in Snyder Park in Springfield where the Lima Limited was scheduled to depart at 9 a.m.

The cloudy skies turned out to be a good thing. The Clinchfield unit was, to the displeasure of some railfan photographers, on the north end of the train.

Had it not been for the clouds many of the locations where we caught the train would have been backlighted

That included Snyder Park, which boasted some of the best fall foliage we would see during our chase.

Aside from being familiar with the ex-DT&I Dave also had some knowledge of where there was spot color to be had based on what he had observed on Saturday.

Dave had a general plan as to where he wanted to go and how to get there.

His plan worked out as envisioned although we didn’t expect to spend time in two places clearing limbs from the rails from trees that been blown down during Saturday’s storm.

The excursion train had to make a few unexpected stops to remove trees from the rails and as a result arrived in Lima more than an hour behind its noon scheduled arrival time.

It also had to wait on two eastbounds in Quincy where the I&O crosses the CSX Indianapolis Line.

We photographed the Q348 crossing over in Quincy but didn’t get the Q008.

By then we had gotten into position at the north end of the high bridge over the Great Miami River on the ex-DT&I.

In Lima we had lunch with a couple of other railfans at local chain Kewpee Hamburgers, which legend has it was the inspiration for Wendy’s. Like Wendy’s, Kewpee has square shaped burgers.

We heard a couple of CSX trains in Lima on the former Baltimore & Ohio north-south mainline and saw a couple more but were not in position to get any photographs.

We did photograph the southbound Q509 at Troy on the way back to Dave’s house after finishing chasing the excursion train.

The weather forecast had called for sunny skies by 2 p.m. and that turned out to be the case.

Much of our emphasis on the southbound chase was getting the NKP GP30, but we photographed the Clinchfield unit at times, particularly when the tracks were oriented in a northwest-southeast alignment.

Unlike the morning chase, the afternoon chase was a little more freelance, stopping in impromptu fashion to catch the train.

None of the afternoon photo locations had been places we stopped at earlier in the day.

We also didn’t get as much fall color in the afternoon as we had in the morning.

Reportedly, the Cincinnati Scenic Railway’s lease on Clinchfield No. 800 expired at the conclusion of the last excursion and the F unit will be returning to its home at the Southern Appalachian Railway Museum.

It probably won’t sit there indefinitely but who knows when it might get back to Ohio.

The consist of the Lima Limited was a mish mash of colors, liveries and equipment types with two of the cars having a Cleveland connection.

They were the two NKP open-window coaches owned by the Cleveland-based Midwest Railway Preservation Society.

This was one of my favorite images of the day. The Lima Limited is leaving behind Snyder Park in Springfield.

What a nice frame this colorful branch made as the Lima Limited got underway north out of Snyder Park in Springfield.

We cleared branches from the rails at this site west of Tremont City shortly before the excursion train showed up.

A nice stand of fall foliage was to be had along Dump Road north of St. Paris.

On the high bridge over the Great Miami River in Quincy.

Finding color at the Geyer Road crossing south of St. Johns.

Crossing River Road between Uniopolis and Lima.

Crossing the Auglaize River south of Lima on the northbound trip.

Laying over at Lincoln Park in Lima.

Trying to imitate a steam locomotive leaving a city that built plenty of them over the years. The train is approaching East Kibby Street in Lima.

Coming at you just south of Lima at Hume Road.

An expansive view of the entire train across a field north of Uniopolis, Ohio.

A bit of Cleveland in western Ohio was the two NKP coaches owned by the Midwest Railway Preservation Society. They are shown crossing Huffman Creek in Uniopolis.

Crossing Geyer Road north of Geyer, Ohio.

Fall color wasn’t as plentiful on the return trip at our photo locations but was still out there. The image was made at Santa Fe-New Knoxville Road.

About to cross the CSX Indianapolis Line in Quincy.

Passing a former DT&I depot and grain bins in Rosewood.

Clinchfield F7 to Pull Ohio Excursion Trains

August 31, 2019

A restored former Clinchfield F7 locomotive will be featured on excursions being operated in Ohio later this year by the Ohio Rail Experience.

No. 800, a gray and yellow locomotive restored to its original appearance in 2018 for CSX’s Santa Train, is owned by the Southern Appalachian Railway Museum.

Excursions will depart during October from Lima, Springfield, Urbana, Leipsic, and South Charleston.

The excursions are operated by the Cincinnati Scenic Railway, a 501c3 Non Profit based in Cincinnati.

Money raised by the trips is used to preserve historic rail equipment. For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit

No. 800 most recently spent time pulling tourist trains in Florida and helped move Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 No. 2716 to a new home in Kentucky for restoration.

Ohio Rail Experiences Trips Schedule Set

April 14, 2018

The Ohio Rail Experience has announced a slate of excursion trains that will operate this year. Tickets are available online through a partnership with the Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad and Vendini Incorporated.

The website address is

The 2018 schedule includes the following trips:

May19: Lima Limited (Springfield-Lima)

May 20: Quincy Cannonball (Springfield-Qunicy)

May 26-27: Spirit of Urbana (Washington Court House-Urbana)

September 1: Oasis by Daylight ( Bond Hill-Cincinnati-Reading)

September 2: Fireworks Train (Norwood-Cincinnati)

Oct. 6: Greenfield Special (Greenfield-New Vienna)

Octo. 13-14: Midland Flyer (Madeira-Loveland -Washington Court House)