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Still Some Fall Foliage Out There

November 10, 2020

With another 70-degree weather and sunny day I railfanned eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, there was still some fall color to be found. In the top image a Youngstown & Southeastern train climbs south from Youngstown.

In the middle image, a CSX coal train is at Wampum, Pennsylvania, while in the bottom photograph a Buffalo & Pittsburgh coal train is also at Wampum.

Photographs by Todd Dillon

Along Ohi-Rail in Minerva

February 15, 2020

Here are two from Ohi-Rail in Minerva on Aug. 19, 2010.

There is a road in Minerva that parallels Ohi-Rail’s yard. These stored locomotives and cabooses were visible at the west and of the yard.

In the top photo are Ohi-Rail No. 102 and Minerva Scenic Railway No. 18.

The MSR used Ohi-Rail trackage but only lasted a few years and was out of business at the time this photo was taken.

In the bottom photo are former a Canadian National vans (caboose), an ex-Conrail caboose, and an ex-Pennsylvania Railroad cabin car.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Ohi-Rail Caboose

March 22, 2018

To most people, this is a caboose. But to a railroader it could be either a caboose or a shoving platform. There is a difference, but only those who know the rules of the Federal Railroad Administration know what it is.

Ohi-Rail, a short-line railroad based in Minerva, Ohio, uses both a shoving platform and a caboose for its moves to Bayard.

Also shown are a couple of former Norfolk Southern locomotives that Ohi-
Rail bought during an NS garage sale.

Photograph by Pete Poremba

LM&M Sets Ohio Excursions in Cincinnati

May 1, 2017

The Lebanon, Mason & Monroe Railroad in southwest Ohio is sponsoring excursion trips on Sept. 2 between Cincinnati and Blue Ash, Ohio.

The Blue Ash Flyer will depart Bond Hill in Cincinnati at 9:30 a.m. on a rare mileage journey over the Oasis Subdivision to the Indiana & Ohio Railway’s McCullough Yard.

From McCullough Yard the train will reverse and travel to Blue Ash via the Blue Ash Subdivision, going to the end of track near Fields Ertel Road in Sycamore Township.

The train will then lay over in Downtown Blue Ash for a lunch break.

The train will have Lackawanna coach class seating and a first class seating option. An open air car will not be available.

Coach tickets are $25 per person.

During the layover for the Blue Ash Flyer there will be another excursion between Blue Ash  and Silverton. Tickets will go on sale for that event on July 1.

New Rail Line to Begin in SE Ohio

January 25, 2013

A new short line railroad is set to begin operations on April 1 in southeastern Ohio. Trains magazine reported on Thursday that the 12.2-mile Ohio Terminal Railway will connect with Norfolk Southern and provide rail access to the Hannibal Industrial Park in Monroe County.

Ohio Terminal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carload Express, Inc., will also serve an Ormet aluminum plant. The rail line, which has been dormant for a decade, extends between Powhattan and Omal along the Ohio River and connects with NS at Powhattan.

Plans for reviving the railroad were announced in late 2012. The railroad expects to carry sand, concrete, and other materials used in Monroe County’s Marcellus and Utica Shale formations.   Carload Express operates three other short line railroads in Ohio, northern West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania: the Allegheny Valley Railroad, Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad, and Camp Chase Railroad.

Ohio Terminal will be the only rail service in the county, which is located in a highly productive “wet” gas and oil producing portion of the Utica and Marcellus shale fields.

The railroad line was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad to serve an aluminum plant at Hannibal, Ohio, and later became part of Conrail, which sold it to the Ormet Corp. In 2007, Hannibal Real Estate acquired the former Ormet rolling mills at Hannibal. The transaction included the operating rights of the rail line.