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Ohio Turnpike Traffic Down 68%

April 19, 2020

Stay at home orders have resulted in traffic plunging by 68 percent on the Ohio Turnpike.

Although most of that is private vehicular traffic, commercial traffic has fallen by 13 percent.

Although that means less revenue for the turnpike, the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission announced said recently it still plans to push ahead with various construction projects this year although a turnpike spokesman said some scheduled projects may be delayed until 2021.

Some 2021 project might be put off until 2022, the spokesman said.

In the meantime, the turnpike has ended manual fare collection at 21 of its 31 toll plazas with machines now taking tolls from motorists.

Ten of the turnpikes toll plaza lack those machines so a minimum number of toll collectors are on duty there although they have been instructed in “mandatory hygiene practices” and physical distancing among employees.

There have been no furloughs of turnpike employees, but part-time toll collectors are getting fewer shifts and a hiring freeze is in place.

Some vendors at service plazas have reduced their hours while some have suspended operations.

The turnpike will benefit from a recent refinancing of $413.5 million in bonds that will save it $139.8 million in debt service over the next 28 years, representing a “net present value savings” of $87.7 million.

Ohio Turnpike Sets 2017 Construction Work

January 31, 2017

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission has approved a $121.4 million capital budget for 2017 that includes construction projects in Northeast Ohio.

Ohio turnpikeThe budget calls for pavement replacement and resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation and an investment of $714,000 in technology to prepare for a time when vehicles will be able to communicate with each other and the roadway.

Turnpike Executive Director Randy Cole said despite the road work there should be less congestion because there will be 25 percent fewer lane miles under construction.

“We heard loud and clear from our customers last summer. They want fewer orange barrels so we are carefully balancing customer preference with the pace of our program for improvements,”  Cole said in a statement.

To prepare for self-driving vehicles, the turnpike plans to deploy Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) (connected vehicle) technology.

This year it will be installed in the Boston and Amherst maintenance sections between mileposts 126.4 in Erie County (Berlin Township) and 187.5 in Portage County (Streetsboro).

Forty turnpike maintenance vehicles will be equipped with on-board units that will gather and supply data to managers monitoring the fleet’s activity.

Pavement replacement plans for 2017 include a 5-mile long section in the eastbound lanes in Sandusky County from milepost 90 to 95.9 (between Sandusky and Riley Townships).

Also slated to be replaced are 5-mile long sections in Erie County in the westbound lanes from milepost 107.3 to 112.45 (between Groton and Oxford Townships) and in Portage County from milepost 186.35 to 191.39 (between Streetsboro and Shalersville Township).

The pavement replacement budget for 2017 is $45.5 million.

Four 2017 resurfacing projects will cost $21.6 million. These projects will include resurfacing the pavement of the right and center lanes from milepost 69.3 to 74.15 (between Lake and Troy Townships) in Wood and Ottawa Counties and resurfacing all three lanes and both shoulders from milepost 136.1 to 144.1 in Lorain County (between Brownhelm and Elyria).

In Cuyahoga County, the left lane and left shoulder will be resurfaced from milepost 160.1 to 169.1 (between Strongsville and Broadview Heights) with construction taking place from August until October of 2017.

In addition, in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties, the interchange at Exit 173 (Akron/Cleveland) will undergo pavement reconstruction, repairs and resurfacing of select ramps from May through October.

The turnpike plans to spend  $16.6 billion in bridge repairs and rehabilitations.

The work includes deck replacements, miscellaneous bridge rehabilitations, and substructure repair at various sites, including five deck replacements and bridge removal at mileposts 122.3, 128.5, 132.4 138, 138.2 (bridge removal) and 145.8 in Erie and Lorain Counties.

In Cuyahoga County, the Ohio Route 252 bridge over the turnpike at milepost 156.9 (Olmsted Falls) will undergo a bridge deck replacement and rehabilitation.

In Summit and Portage Counties, bridge bearings, joints and decks will be replaced on overhead bridges at mileposts 178, 179.5 and 199.2.

In Mahoning County, six mainline bridges and one ramp bridge from milepost 222.8 to 232.9 will undergo bearing and deck joint replacements and two bridge deck replacements are planned at milepost 240.8 east and westbound.

Ohio Turnpike Sets $143.5M 2016 Capital Budget

January 23, 2016

The Ohio Turnpike plans to spend $143.5 million this year for capital improvements, which officials said is the largest capital budget in 15 years.

The program will include base pavement replacement, bridge rehabilitation and repairs, and resurfacing of the 241-mile toll road.

In 2015, the Turnpike spent $125 million on capital improvements and this year’s budget is 20 percent larger than that.

Most of the funding for capital improvements comes from toll and concession revenues with another $15.3 million coming from bonds that were sold in 2013.

Among the projects slated for this year is replacing pavement in five-mile stretches in Lorain County from milepost 144.1 to 149.24 and in the eastbound lanes in Trumbull County from milepost 216.1 to 221. The opposite lanes in these sections were repaved in 2015.

In Erie County, five-mile long sections will also be replaced in the eastbound lanes from milepost 107.3 to 112.45 and in Portage County from milepost 186.35 to 191.39.

The new pavement replacements will cost $76 million while the resurfacing will cost $18.8 million.

Pavement set to be resurfaced includes between milepost 38.9 to 43.3 in Fulton County and between milepost 55.45 and 69.3 in Lucas and Wood counties.

Service plaza parking lots and the ramps at Exit 91-Fremont/Port Clinton are also scheduled for resurfacing.

The bridge repair and rehabilitation budget is $15.7 million and will include deck replacements, bridge rehabilitation, and substructure repair at various sites, including 10 deck replacements at milepost 21.4 in Williams County, at mileposts 23.9, 24.4, 27.3, 41.9, 42.4 and 42.9 in Fulton County, at milepost 150.5 in Lorain County and at mileposts 197.8 and 198.5 in Portage County.

Eleven bridges will be repaired and rehabilitated from milepost 197.8 to 236.7 in Portage, Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.