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Passing Beneath the Wheeling in Orrville

September 14, 2021

Our Conrail wayback machine has taken us to Orrville just in time to witness the passage of an eastbound on the Fort Wayne Line as it passes beneath the Wheeling & Lake Erie bridge. On the point is SD60M No. 5507. The image was made on May 25, 1996.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Steam Saturday: NKP 765 Has the Signal

April 24, 2021

Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 No. is putting on a show as it cruises westbound at milepost 123.2 on Norfolk Southern east of Orrville on June 21, 1983. These rails were originally laid by the Wheeling & Lake Erie and then for several years were part of the Nickel Plate system. Now they are again owned by the modern W&LE.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Another Conrail Two for Tuesday

October 19, 2020

Its another Conrail two for Tuesday with images from Orrville (top) and Alliance. Both locomotive shown are GP38-2 models.

In Orrville on June 26, 1996, No. 8226 works on the Fort Wayne Line. The unit was built in September 1978.

No. 8226 is shown working eastbound on the Fort Wayne Line in Alliance in October 1988.

The unit was built for Penn Central in March 1973. Both units were later conveyed to CSX.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

NS Action in Orrville

February 22, 2020

The late Richard Jacobs often photographed Norfolk Southern trains in and around Orrville.

Jake lived not far from there so Orrville and Sterling were in his backyard.

Bob Farkas has been picking up where Jake left off in keeping us reminded of the railroads of Wayne County.

Here is a series of images that he created on Feb. 19 in Orrville, which was once the junction of two Pennsylvania Railroad lines, including the branch that ran through Akron between Hudson and Columbus.

In the top image is eastbound manifest freight 12V.

The middle and bottom images were made of the local that works in Orrville.

The middle image shows the local going westbound past one of the few ex-PRR position light signals left on the Fort Wayne Line.

In the bottom image, the local has passed but it motive power on both ends in this view looking westward in downtown Orrville.

Notice the Orrville Union Station, the ex-PRR interlocking tower, and the ex-PRR cabin car in the far left background.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

W&LE on the Brewster Subdivision in Orrville

February 7, 2020

Here are a pair of images of one Wheeling & Lake Erie westbound in Orrville on Feb. 3, 2020.

In the top image, W&LE SD40-2 No. 7008 is on the lead as the train navigates the Brewster Subdivision. Notice the trackless ties on the right. There once was a passing siding here.

The bottom image was made at the same location location but much closer to the photographer. The second locomotive is a Denver & Rio Grande Western heritage unit.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Odds and Ends On the Property

October 28, 2019

Here are four vintage images from the camera of Bob Farkas. In the top image it is sometime in 1979 and Norfolk & Western Also RS11 No. 2568 is reposing in the yard in Brewster.

The next image was made in Orrville of former Seaboard Coast Line caboose No. 0760 on April 3, 1996. “I don’t know why she was there at that time,” Bob wrote.

We’re back in Brewster again for the next two images. It is early 1973 as we view  N&W GP7 No. 2429. This unit was built for the Nickel Plate Road but became N&W property after a 1964 merger.

Finally, there is GP30 No. 2902 at the fueling rack on July 2, 1972. This unit also was built for the NKP back in 1962.

After its retirement by N&W, it kicked around a number of places including spending time as the property of LTEX.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Waiting on Switch Repairs in Orrville

October 15, 2019

Norfolk Southern local CO6 is shown above with GP38-2 Nos. 5208 and 5321 sitting on the far east end of the industrial park trackage in Orrville on Oct. 9.

A maintainer had been called to fix the switch at the other end of this trackage so the CO6 could enter the mainline, reverse, and head east.

This industrial park trackage is the last remaining part of the now-removed line that ran from Warwick to Orrville and was once known as the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus.

After the maintainer had fixed the switch, the CO6 backed onto the main, reversed directions, and left Orrville to return to Canton.

Article and Photographs by Robert Farkas




Visit With a Speeder

June 16, 2019

On the evening of June 11, 2019, I was driving past where the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society stores its equipment in Orrville.

A member of the ORHS had his restored speeder at the end of the track closest to the  road.

As you can see the speeder is painted for use by the Ravenna Arsenal, where weapons were made during World War II and during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

The arsenal had a complex of railroad tracks, which were described several years ago during an Akron Railroad Club program by Ralph A. Pfingsten, author of the book The History of the Ravenna Arsenal.

Thankfully the owner of the speeder gave me permission to photograph his speeder and the caboose stored there.

A friend of his showed up, and we had a ride in his speeder down a small still-intact portion of Cleveland, Akron & Columbus track (later part of the Pennsylvania Railroad) that is used by the ORHS.

At the far end of the track beyond where we stopped was this bridge.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

ORHS Moves Equipment to DABO Site

November 11, 2015

The Orrville Railroad Heritage Society has completed moving its rolling stock and equipment from its longtime home on Pine Street in Orrville to the DABO site on the southwest edge of town.

The last remaining equipment at the location was assembled into a train and moved across town.

The move became necessary after the Wheeling & Lake Erie terminated the society’s lease on its use of the Orrville Industrial Lead.

For several years, ORHS excursions loaded on that track and train and track car rides were offered over the three-quarter mile line during various events in Orrville.

The last trip was made on Oct. 14 and included ORHS GP7u No. 471, six coaches, three boxcars, a concessions/generator car and an old flatcar

A Norfolk Southern GP38-2 assisted in the move. Several NS employees also helped.

Some of the ORHS equipment had not moved since the 1990s.

ORHS Being Forced to Move to New Site

October 6, 2015

First the railroad said they could no longer operate excursions over its rails. Now the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society is being forced to move its equipment from the site that it has used for 25 years for storage and repair work.

The Wheeling & Lake Erie notified the ORHS on June 15 that it was canceling the society’s lease of the siding extending from Orrville Junction to the ORHS maintenance facility by Pine Street in Orrville.

The society has since been preparing to move its equipment across town to a new location at the site of the former Dabo, Inc.

For years the ORHS has used the siding track for short passenger train and track car rides during various events. The track is the only remnant left of the original Wheeling & Lake Erie mainline between Massillon and Orrville.

The last time that ORHS was able to do that was during its annual National Train Day celebration this past May.

During that event, track car rides were offered, but a track defect sidelined the excursion train pulled by ORHS GP7u No. 471.

Dabo was a rail car scrapper on the southwest side of Orrville that has been idle since the death of its owner.

The facility sits on what is left of the Akron branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The former Cleveland, Akron & Columbus line southwest from Orrville was severed in July 1969 during a severe storm and never reopened.

It was abandoned by Penn Central in 1972 and the tracks removed.

Online reports indicate that the ORHS is paying for the Dabo site on a three-year installment plan.

ORHS reported on its website that it acquired Dabo through a stock purchase agreement from the estate Art Davis, an ORHS member.

The transaction includes 17 acres of land with a small railroad yard and a stretch of the former CA&C.

The society acquired all rolling stock still on the property. This included a former USATC RSD1 locomotive that worked in Iran during World II, a Sturm & Dillard 0-6-0 switcher, three 250 ton cranes and various vintage freight and passenger cars.

ORHS said it intends to restart Dabo as a for-profit business to be used as railroad equipment dealer, scrapper, railcar storage facility and other unspecified opportunities that might come along.

The 0-6-0 has since been purchased by Jerry Jacobson and moved to the Age of Steam roundhouse near Sugarcreek. All other equipment on the property was to be offered for sale.

The ORHS website said it “has been a long arduous process that has involved moving 25 years worth of accumulated materials and parts as well as arranging the movement of our remaining passenger and freight cars via Norfolk Southern.”

In a Sept. 26 posting, the ORHS said it has completed the initial track rehab work at Dabo and assembled a train to move its equipment to the site.

Another posting noted that some ORHS rolling stock had not moved in more than 20 years.

Society members spent the summer doing bearing lubrication, brake and appliance repairs, and truck installation

It remains to be seen what the future holds for ORHS events. It may be that short excursions will be done at the Dabo site.