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NS Painesville Bridge to Open late Summer 2018

November 17, 2017

The new Norfolk Southern bridge over the Grand River in Painesville is expected to open in late summer 2018.

An NS spokesman told the News-Herald of Willoughby that when completed the single-track bridge will be 1,318 feet in length and supported by seven concrete support structures.

The existing bridge, which was built in 1905 by the Nickel Plate Road, has 14 support structures. That bridge was strengthened in the 1940s, but NS has decided it needs to be replaced.

Designed by HDR Engineering of Cincinnati, the bridge is being constructed by Great Lakes Construction of Hinckley.

Work began last March and trains on the NS line between Cleveland and Buffalo, New York, have continued to use the existing bridge, which sees 10 to 15 trains a day.

“Work crews now are constructing the foundations and concrete towers that will support the bridge,” said NS spokesman Jon Glass. “The bridge foundations are being drilled down to bedrock, a distance that ranges from 30 to 100 feet below ground surface.”

The foundations will have steel-reinforced concrete and the steel bridge spans that carry the track will be outfitted with a precast concrete deck. Crossties, rail, and ballast will be laid atop the concrete deck.

Glass said the new bridge will be less costly to maintain and have less of a footprint in the Grand River, thereby improving the flow of the river in that location.

NS has not disclosed how much the bridge will cost.


Erie Heritage Unit Leads 22K

July 16, 2017

I saw on Saturday morning that Erie 1068 was on 22K. I had things to do and got home about 2 p.m. and, luckily,  it wasn’t by yet. I got it at 3:20 p.m. at the Painesville trestle. Each week it will be a different view with all the construction of the new bridge underway.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

The Other LSL Did Much Better

July 7, 2017

Sunday, July 2, was not a good day to be a passenger aboard Amtrak’s westbound Lake Shore Limited.

First, the train was delayed for five hours due to flooding and track inspections between Albany and Utica, New York.

Then it ran into a Norfolk Southern work window in Ohio by which it had to make a roundabout detour move that added four more hours of delay.

By the time it reached Chicago at 7:27 p.m. it was nine hours, 42 minutes late.

But those riding the eastbound Lake Shore Limited only had to deal with the “standard” delays.

It was a mere 30 minutes late reaching New York Penn Station although it was over an hour late at some stations in New York state.

It it shown above cruising through Painesville, Ohio, east of Cleveland after departing the latter station 40 minutes off the advertised.

A noteworthy point about this train is that the P42DC locomotives pulling it are consecutively numbered 15 and 14.

Late 48 in Mid Morning in Lake County

June 14, 2017

Akron Railroad Club member Jeff Troutman sent along this image of Amtrak’s eastbound Lake Shore Limited passing through Painesville just past 9:33 a.m. on Tuesday.

At the time, No. 48 had departed Cleveland 3 hours, 17 minutes behind schedule.

An online report indicated that the lateness could be attributed in part to the need to replace a bad-ordered car in Chicago.

No. 48 was 2 hours, 38 minutes late leaving Chicago Union Station on Tuesday night.

As often happens, things didn’t get better from there. When it departed Syracuse, New York, on Tuesday afternoon, No. 48 was nearly 6 hours late.

The train arrived in New York City at 11:42 p.m., five hours and 19 minutes late. The Boston section arrived at 1:47 a.m., five hours and 46 minutes late.

Working on the New Painesville Trestle

May 24, 2017

Preparation work has begun for construction of a new bridge to carry the Lake Erie District of Norfolk Southern over the Grand River in Painesville.

During a recent visit, construction workers were working below the current trestle and at track level on both sides of the bridge preparing the site.

It appears that the new bridge will be built just south of the existing structure.

Railfans watching the work and waiting for a train said that the NS police have been patrolling  the area and making sure that “visitors” don’t get on the property.

The project is expected to take two years to complete. Shown is westbound intermodal train train 23K.

Catching Up with the Grand River Railroad

March 21, 2017

The Grand River Railroad shuttles cars between Grand River and Painesville, Ohio, connecting with CSX at the latter.

It operates a pair of EMD switchers that have been repainted into a livery similar to that of the Baltimore & Ohio.

It doesn’t go very far, just a few miles and has a bit of street running in Grand River.

Akron Railroad Club member Jeff Troutman caught the GRR last week and send along this photos.

In the top image, the train is coming down the hill and about to enter the street running.

In the bottom image it works the interchange in Painesville.

Photographs by Jeff Troutman

NKP H Unit on the Original Nickel Plate

August 27, 2016

The Nickel Plate Road heritage locomotive of Norfolk Southern crosses the trestle in Painesville over the Grand River on Aug. 19.

In a modest way this has been my summer to chase Norfolk Southern heritage units.

In the past month, I’ve photographed the Conrail and Nickel Plate Road H units, both on the original rails of the railroad that they celebrate.

Shown above is NS 8100, the NKP heritage unit on original Nickel Plate rails as it crosses the Grand River in Painesville.

I still am searching for many more, including the Erie, New York Central and original Norfolk Southern. So I have a long ways to go to reach all 20.

Photograph by Peter Bowler

My Only Snow Shot of the Season Was the Erie Heritage Locomotive on Painesville Trestle

April 12, 2016




On Sunday after I got home from church I checked and saw that Norfolk Southern 1068 — the Erie heritage unit — was on the 22K.

Here are my shots at 11:20 a.m. at the Painesville trestle. Actually, these are my only snow shots this season. Also, the trestle is much more visible at this time as compared to mid-summer like when Nickel Plate Road 765 came through last July.

Article and Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

If Only . . .

September 8, 2015

Grand 06-x

If only Norfolk & Western had not discontinued the last passenger train on the former Nickel Plate Road on Sept. 10, 1965.

If only the nation’s railroads had continued to operate passenger trains and Amtrak had never been formed.

If only passenger trains made money or didn’t lose enough that the railroads wanted to do away with them.

If only Norfolk Southern operated its own intercity passenger trains.

If all these things were true, then this might be a daily sight at the Riverside Drive crossing in Painesville.

But the last Nickel Plate trains were ended, Amtrak was formed, passenger trains still lose money and NS has no intention of being in the intercity rail passenger business.

But NS does have a fleet of passenger cars that get out and about for special occasions, such as a trip that is part of the 21st Century Steam Program.

The view is of the train pulled by Nickel Plate Road 765 passing through Painesville on a ferry move from Cleveland to Youngstown.

It might be the only time that I see a passenger train here.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders

Early Morning in Painesville

August 21, 2015

WB CSX at Painesville 1-x

WB CSX at Painesville 2-x

White reefers in Painesville-x

Back in July I got up very early to travel to Lake County to catch the ferry move of the Nickel Plate Road 765. If I am going to get up that early I may as well catch the eastbound Lake Shore Limited.

I did get Amtrak No. 48 at the former New York Central passenger station in Painesville and then hung around to get some action on CSX.

The light favored eastbound trains, but I’m not one to let a photo opportunity go to waste. Hence, I tried for some glint shots of a westbound stack train, which are the first two images shown above.

While I was at it, I also tried to get a glint shot of the white reefer cars of an eastbound manifest freight.

Photographs by Craig Sanders