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PennDOT Seeking Grant Applications

August 10, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is taking applications for its 2022 state rail-freight grant programs.

Applications will be accepted through Sept. 2 for the Rail Transportation Assistance, and the Rail Freight Assistance programs.

The former is a capital budget grant program funded by bonds, while the latter is underwritten through the state’s multimodal fund.

In 2021, PennDOT awarded $33 million in grants to 25 freight-rail projects.

The state has 65, operating railroads, the most of any state, which operate over 5,600 miles of track.

Pennsylvania Updates Transportation Plan

August 15, 2020

The Pennsylvania’s State Transportation Commission said it has updated the state’s 12-year plan to make $64.8 billion available for improvements to railroads, transit systems, roads, bridges and airports.

Overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the new program will become effective on Oct. 1 and anticipates the following funding availability in the first four years from federal, state and local sources:
• $11.4 billion for state highways and bridges;
• $9.4 billion for public transit;
• $321 million for multimodal projects;
• $228 million for freight rail; and
• $138 million for aviation.

The program was described by PennDOT as a multimodal tool to identify and give priority to transportation projects and the funds needed to complete them.

Under state law the program must be updated every two years.

PennDOT said public comments made during the 12-year planning process have played a key role in identifying investments in the various transportation modes.

PennDOT Accepting Grant Applications

August 5, 2020

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is accepting applications for its 2020 Rail Transportation Assistance Program and Rail Freight Assistance Program.

The latter program is designed to provide financial assistance for freight-rail infrastructure projects with the intent of preserving essential freight-rail service where economically feasible and preserving or stimulating economic development through the generation of new or expanded freight-rail service.

Also known as Capital Budget, the RTAP is available to applicants with a line item in a Capital Budget Act.

The maximum state funding for an RTAP project is 70 percent of total project costs, not to exceed the amount of the line item.

PennDOT awarded $40 million in 23019 in grants for 26 freight-rail projects.

The state is home to 65 railroads operating over 5,600 miles of track.

PennDOT to Fund 26 Rail Projects

December 14, 2019

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has approved 26 freight-rail improvement projects that it said will improve freight mobility while creating or sustaining more than 390 jobs.

PennDOT said in a news release that it will work with private rail operators and rail-served businesses to construct new rail lines and assist in maintaining and improving the state’s 5,600 miles of freight lines operated by 65 railroads.

Following are some of the funding recipients, their projects and state share of funding:

CSX, $14.4 million, to lower tracks under nine overhead obstructions to permit routing of double-stack container and multilevel auto rack traffic to and from Port of Philadelphia;

R. J. Corman, $3 million, to replace 25 linear miles of rail and 4,800 ties and to construct a 4,000-foot siding and two turnouts on its Cherry Tree Subdivision to support export metallurgical coal;

SEKISUI SPI, $2.7 million, to construct two spur tracks and install unloading equipment at its manufacturing plant;

Allegheny Valley, $2.5 million, to repair a bridge located on a route used by three railroads;

Arcelor Mittal Plate, $2.2 million, to rehabilitate 2 miles of track, turnouts, and private crossings serving its rolling mill and electric melt shop sites;

Buffalo & Pittsburgh, $1.9 million, to install new bridge timbers, walkways and handrails, as well as super-elevation correction involving three bridges;

Strasburg Rail Road, $1.7 million, to construct less than 1 mile of track by extending interchange track and constructing new bulk, ladder, and lead tracks to more than double current yard capacity;

Wheeling and Lake Erie, $1.1 million, to repair structural and drainage issues in State Tunnel to bring it into a state of good repair in Washington County;

Union Tank Car, $1 million, to rehabilitate the transfer table pit retaining walls;

North Shore, $813,834 to construct 1,350 ft. of track and install three turnouts to develop a multipurpose transload site;

Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminals, $700,000, to rehabilitate approximately 1 mile of track in critical operations areas, including replacement of ties and switch timbers, new ballast and surfacing;

Freeport Terminals, $699,999, to construct and rehabilitate less than .5 mile of track and install new transloading equipment to expand capacity at its Allegheny River barge/rail/truck transload site;

United States Steel, $689,500, to complete various track upgrades to accommodate increased rail volume from USS’s new hot rolling mill in Braddock;

Standard Steel LLC, $529,890, to replace a 50-foot scale to accommodate 60-foot rail cars and replace two No. 6 turnouts and 900 feet of track.

PennDot Taking Multimodal Fund Grant Applications

September 11, 2019

Applications are being taken by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for grants from its multimodal transportation fund.

The grants can be used to help pay for improvements to railroads, transit facilities, roadways, bridges, park and ride facilities, and other transportation infrastructure in the state.

Eligible applicants include railroads, public transportation agencies, ports, municipalities, government entities, economic development organizations and business/nonprofit organizations. Projects should coordinate local land use with transportation assets to enhance existing communities.

The applications are due Nov. 8 and will be reviewed based on safety benefits, regional economic conditions, technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency and operational sustainability.

Award winners will be announced next year with funding available in July 2020.

In 2018 PennDOT awarded $43 million in MTF grants to 49 projects in 23 counties.


PennDot Accepting Multimodal Grant Bids

October 18, 2016

Applications are being accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for its multimodal transportation fund.

PennDotPennDOT will evaluate and select applicants based on such criteria as safety benefits, regional economic conditions, technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency, and operational sustainability.

“The fund allows us to assist communities with needed transportation improvements that otherwise may not move forward,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards. “This process represents an opportunity for worthwhile local projects to secure the support needed to come to fruition.”

The department has $40 million in grants available for fiscal years 2017 and 2018. Applications must be submitted by Dec. 16.

Grant winners will begin receiving the funding in July 2017.

PennDOT Accepting Rail Grant Applications

August 2, 2016

Applications are being accepted for the 2016 Rail Transportation Assistance Program and the 2016 Rail Freight Assistance Program of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PennDotPennDOT said in a news release that during the last grant period, it awarded $36 million for 15 projects through RTAP and 16 projects through RFAP.

RTAP is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds and RFAP is underwritten through the new Multimodal Fund, created by Pennsylvania’s Act 89.

Applications are due Aug. 30. Eligible organizations that wish to apply for either program can find further information on the PennDOT website.