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PennDOT Completes Freight Plan

May 23, 2023

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently released its 2045 Freight Movement Plan, which outlines a proposed strategic plan for the movements of goods throughout the state.

The plan was developed over the past two years and summarizes the state’s freight infrastructure and the agency’s efforts to continually improve freight movement.

The plan’s executive summary noted that Pennsylvania is eligible for approximately $58.5 million annually in federal funding under the National Highway Freight Program through 2026.

PennDOT said that the freight plan combined with the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan, “establishes priorities and critical transportation strategies to guide project investments.”

The agency said each plan takes a multimodal approach with the freight plan addressing state and federal provisions for freight planning.

PennDOT Accepting Grant Applications

April 4, 2023

Proposals are being accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation from private sector group for transportation project grants.

The grants will be awarded for projects involving PennDOT owned projects, infrastructure and services.

The agency’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships is overseeing the grant process.

In a news release, PennDOT said private-sector partners are encouraged to submit proposals offering innovative ways to deliver transportation projects across a variety of modes, including roads, bridges, rail and ports.

Proposals can include more efficient models to manage existing transportation-related services and programs.

The Public Private Transportation Partnership Board will review the proposals.

Additionally, the private sector may submit applications for non-PennDOT-owned assets. Transportation entities outside of the governor’s jurisdiction, such as transit authorities and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, may establish their own timelines or accept proposals year-round, PennDOT officials said.

The state’s P3 law allows PennDOT and other transportation authorities and commissions to partner with private companies to participate in delivering, maintaining and financing transportation-related projects.

Work Underway on Construction of New Amtrak, SEPTA Station in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

January 8, 2023

Amtrak, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority have begun work on a new $65 million station in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

The station, located on Amtrak’s Keystone Corridor, is expected to open in fall 2025.

It will be located just east of the existing former Pennsylvania Railroad depot.

In a news release, PennDOT said work to build a foundation for the south platform is underway and will continue through this year.

That work will be followed by construction of platforms and elevators and stair towers on the south side of the station.

The project will create station that complies with all standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Amtrak owns the existing station building and leases it to the City of Coatesville. It has been closed for more than 25 years.

The existing station is located on a curve so some track relocation is being undertaken as part of the project.

Officials said that was necessary because ADA-compliant platforms cannot be built on a curve.

The new station will be located along Fleetwood Street between Third and Fourth avenues, and feature 530-foot-long high-level accessible platforms with canopies and seating; stair/elevator towers; an audio-visual public address system and security cameras; bicycle racks; and expanded surface parking.

SEPTA currently does not serve Coatesville, but has expressed interest in extending Regional Rail commuter service from Thorndale to Coatesville “in the near future.”

Funding for the project is being provided by PennDOT, Chester County, the City of Coatesville, the Coatesville Redevelopment Authority, and Federal Transit Administration.

PennDot Taking Bids for Projects

October 11, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is accepting unsolicited proposals for PennDOT-owned projects and infrastructure through Oct. 31.

In a news release the agency said private sector bidders may submit proposals offering “innovative ways” to deliver transportation projects involving roads, bridges, rail, aviation and ports.

The proposals also can include more efficient models to manage existing transportation services and programs, PennDOT officials said in a news release.

Bidders may also submit applications for non-PennDOT-owned assets directly to the Office of Public-Private Partnerships Board.

Transportation entities outside of the governor’s jurisdiction — such as transit authorities — may establish their own timelines or accept proposals year-round.

Instructions on how to submit a project and information on the unsolicited proposal review process can be found on the state’s P3 website.

PennDOT Seeks Comment on Freight Plan

September 23, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on a draft of a state rail plan.

The 2045 Freight Movement Plan provides information on ways to improve the safe and efficient movement of freight. Comments will be accepted through Oct. 5.

The plan helps to ensure that the state remains eligible for federal funding under the National Highway Freight Program, which will add an average of $58.5 million to Pennsylvania’s freight program, PennDOT officials said in a news release.

Developed over a two-year period, the plan addresses state-federal provisions for freight planning, including those from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

PennDOT Taking Bids for Multimodal Grants

September 14, 2022

Applications are being taken for grant funding from the Multimodal Transportation Fund of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

In a news release the agency said it will fund projects that coordinate local land use with transportation assets to enhance existing communities; improve streetscapes, lighting, sidewalk facilities and pedestrian safety; improve connectivity or utilization of existing transportation assets; or advance transit-oriented development.

Winning bids will be chosen based on safety benefits, regional economic conditions, technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency and operational sustainability.

Eligible applicants include municipalities, councils of governments, business and nonprofit organizations, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, public airports, airport authorities, and port and rail entities.

The deadline to submit an application is Nov. 14 with winners being announced next year.

In fiscal year 2002 PennDOT awarded grants to 56 projects totaling $47.8 million in funding throughout 28 counties.

Pa. Updates 12-Year Transportation Plan

August 18, 2022

The 12-year Pennsylvania state transportation plan has been updated, the Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission said this week.

The document outlines plans to improve roads, bridges, transit systems, airports and railroads.

State officials predict $84 billion in funding will be available to fund projects over the 12-year span.

In a news release, the Commission described the plan as a multimodal, “fiscally constrained” planning tool for identifying and prioritizing the state’s transportation projects.

The plan becomes effective Oct. 1 and incorporates funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress in November 2021.

Pennsylvania officials anticipate funding availability of $16 billion for state highway and bridge projects, $11.4 billion for public transit, $331 million for multimodal projects, $232 million for freight rail and $168 million for aviation.

The plan was developed in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 19 metropolitan planning organizations and an independent county.

It still must be reviewed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration in accordance with air quality requirements from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

PennDOT Seeking Grant Applications

August 10, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is taking applications for its 2022 state rail-freight grant programs.

Applications will be accepted through Sept. 2 for the Rail Transportation Assistance, and the Rail Freight Assistance programs.

The former is a capital budget grant program funded by bonds, while the latter is underwritten through the state’s multimodal fund.

In 2021, PennDOT awarded $33 million in grants to 25 freight-rail projects.

The state has 65, operating railroads, the most of any state, which operate over 5,600 miles of track.

PennDOT, NS Reach Agreement on Route Improvements to Pittsburgh-Harrisburg Route

June 28, 2022

An agreement has been reached between the state of Pennsylvania and Norfolk Southern on infrastructure improvements that will be made as part of plans to launch a second daily Amtrak train between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

The improvements will cost $200 million with final details on the projects to be worked out by late this year.

Officials said the second Amtrak train is still about three years away from being inaugurated.

Currently the Pittsburgh-Harrisburg segment is served by Amtrak’s New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian, which operates via Philadelphia.

There are numerous Amtrak trains operating between Harrisburg and Philadelphia on the Amtrak-owned Keystone Corridor.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation did not provide any details about planned infrastructure projects and a department spokeswoman said the agreement has yet to be signed by all parties involved.

It is at this point an agreement in principle. Earlier reports indicated that 12 new and upgraded interlocking plants on the NS Pittsburgh Line.

PennDOT Awards Multimodal Grants

April 27, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced this week that it will award $47.9 million in funding to 56 projects, some of which involve public transit.

The funding is coming from the agency’s Multimodal Transportation Fund.

Projects chosen to receive grants were selected using such criteria as safety benefits, regional economic conditions, technical and financial feasibility, job creation, energy efficiency and operational sustainability.

Rail-related projects included $1.29 awarded to rehabilitate the Altoona Transportation Center, a multimodal transportation hub for passenger rail and bus services.

The planned work includes renovating utilities, installing new wayfinding and access signs and updating passenger spaces and transfer areas.

Another rail-related project is the removal of a deteriorated bridge over an active railroad line in York County. It received $379,501.

The bridge slated for removal, the Pleasant Acres Bridge, is weight restricted and is no longer needed following completion of a new road extension and grade crossing in Springettsbury Township.