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Paying Tribute to Mike Costill

July 18, 2022

Jerry Jacobson and Mike Costill (Photographs courtesy of Pete Poremba)

We are all saddened by the loss of Jerry Jacobson’s longtime friend from childhood and dedicated volunteer here at Age of Steam, Mike Costill.

Mike was with Jerry at that first fateful steam locomotive cab ride in Cuyahoga Falls.  The two of them made many trips to see steam locomotive last trips and dead lines of retired steam locomotives.

Mike was honored as AOSRM Volunteer of the Year in 2019 putting in many hours helping in the back shop, with Roundhouse tours and maintaining the signal lamps that are kept continually lit on the two derails behind the connector building.

Mike had also taken on the task of separating, sorting and shelving the many archival paper items that continually stream into the collection.

This past Winter Mike made presentations at both the Akron Railroad Club and our Winter Speaker series involving his extensive work of converting and sorting Jerry’s slides.

Mike shared his stories of their experiences, adventures and escapades as seen through the lens of Jerry’s camera.  Jerry had invited me to many dinners with him and Mike before the Akron Railroad Club meetings.

Just a couple of months ago Mike, a friend and I revisited that pre-meeting tradition by dining at the Polish-American club in Akron as we had with Jerry. 

Mike contributed an interview for our Roundhouse promotional video last Fall.  Tim Sposato and I just received a preview of the video to evaluate.  It should be completed and made public soon.

We are so glad that Mike tells his story on this video for all to experience and remember about his relationship with Jerry and the Age of Steam.  Mike will be missed but, memories will be cherished and his work here commemorated.  Thanks Mike, for all of your work, dedication, memories and always a cheerful smile.

Commentary by Pete Poremba

Visitor From Italy Captures NS, CSX in Berea

June 1, 2019

Sergio Vadora works for the national railroad system in Italy and in his spare time likes to make video footage of railroad operations.

He’s made a number of trips to the United States to create videos that he then has sold as a side business.

This past April, Sergio gave the program at the Akron Railroad Club meeting.

Naturally, he focused on railroad operations in his home city of Genoa.

Despite getting back very late to host Pete Poremba’s house following the ARRC meeting, the two of them were up early and arrived in Berea around 10 a.m. to observe and photograph the action there on CSX and Norfolk.

Joining them was former ARRC president Craig Sanders.

Sergio and Pete actually spent several days railfanning around Northeast Ohio and at a few other select Ohio hotspots.

During much of his time here Sergio wore a Wheeling & Lake Erie ballcap that he also had on during a photo outing on the W&LE.

Above is a selection of images of Sergio doing video in Berea. He has since compiled the best of his video into DVDs that he is now selling.