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Taking a Trip in the Wayback Machine to 1949

November 25, 2014

ARRC Pittsburgh Trip

The photograph above was taken by the father of Rich Krisak, a friend of Akron Railroad Club member Alex Bruchac. Rich’s father was a motorman on the Shaker Rapid in Cleveland. The elder Krisak was also a noted photographer of trolleys and interurbans.

Rich was recently looking through his dad’s collection and found this 1949 image of an ARRC outing in Pittsburgh.

As best as can be determined, the photo was made on June 19, 1949. On that day the ARRC sponsored a fan trip on the Pittsburgh Railway, operating Pittsburgh to Washington, and Pittsburgh to Charleroi.

It would not be the last ARRC traction outing nor would it be the last time that ARRC members rode the Pittsburgh Railway. But at the time of this trip, streetcar operations had greatly diminished in number and, hence, so did opportunities to conduct traction outings.

From the looks of this car, it doesn’t appear that this trip was heavily patronized. But then again, maybe this was a photo runby and most of those aboard disembarked to make photographs.