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Hudson Depot Not Long for This World

January 3, 2012

The new year is unlikely to hold good fortune for the abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad depot in Hudson. Efforts to raise funds to preserve the building fell well short of the amount needed to move the building for future restoration.

Norfolk Southern waited patiently in hopes of positive results but it has been notified that the group has given up, so down she will come. When is uncertain.

Hudson was once an important junction on the PRR’s Cleveland & Pittsburgh line. It was here that connections were made with the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus line, another PRR-owned line.  In 1941, 36 passenger trains would stop here daily.  Doodlebugs were a common site making connections from the CA&C with C&P trains.

During the holidays I took a trip there to get some photos.  The top photo one is the depot looking north along the C&P.  The second photo is looking south. To the right is the CA&C line that goes south through Cuyahoga Falls, Akron and Orrville.

Passengers from Cleveland wanting to travel west on the PRR had a disadvantage of traveling quite a distance south before transferring to a westbound train in either Alliance or Orrville.  In the same time frame, the westbound traveler on the New York Central from Cleveland was well on his way, west of Sandusky and nearing Toledo.

The third shot is from my collection and features the Hudson depot with a doodlebug on the CA&C making a connection with a northbound C&P passenger train.  As you can see when you compare the photos of today, much has changed.

Article and Photographs by Dan Davidson