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In the Altoona Dead Line

October 21, 2021

I’m not sure if the late Mike Ondecker was with us this time, but John Woodard and I found former Pennsylvania Railroad 6703, a Fairbanks-MorseTrain Master, in the scrap line in East Altoona, Pennsylvania, in what was most likely was 1969. If we had not been forbidden to climb on the locomotive, we would probably have closed the doors.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Two for Tuesday: Then and Now at Warwick

June 29, 2021

Here are two photos from nearly the same location in Clinton (Warwick). This is the now-removed east leg of the wye that was in Warwick. As I recall the east leg was ripped out in the early 1990s.

In the top image, it’s 1968 or 1969, and a trio of Pennsylvania Railroad locomotives are heading toward Massillon.

In the bottom image, it’s May 20, 2021, and very little is left to suggest a railroad once ran through here.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

52-Year Old Memory from Harrisburg

June 23, 2021

It was 52 years ago that the photographer and a group of friends found Pennsylvania Railroad E7A No. 4223 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on May 30, 1969. The unit already has its new Penn Central roster number.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

The Way It Used to be in Dennison

May 2, 2021

Dennison, Ohio, was a key point on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Pittsburgh-Columbus line. In this series of images. most of which were made in summer 1967, we visit the Dennison yard during the final hours of Pennsy operation.

The top image shows the roundhouse in an image made with a Mamiya C# twin lens reflex camera. That is the late Mike Ondecker standing in front.

Next up are some facilities that were still in place that once serve steam locomotives. What you see might be double sanding towers as I have never seen concrete water towers.

The next image is looking west toward Columbus. Dennison saw all of the PRR’s elite New York-St. Louis passenger trains, including the Spirit of St. Louis.

Continuing on we get another view of the roundhouse, which looks to be in rather rough condition.

Let’s step back a year. “I made the next image from the side window of my parents’ 1965 Ford as we passed the yard in 1966. I was using my Minoltina 35mm rangefinder.”

Moving back to 1967, we know you want to see some Pennsy trains so here are a couple. In the first image we see an eastbound passing the yard.

You have to wonder if any of those locomotives and boxcars visible on this train are still around. They sure don’t look like anything you’d see today.

Finally, we view PRR U25B No. 2608 switching the yard.

Photographs by Robert Farkas

Sitting in Conway

December 6, 2020

It is late 1968 in Conway Yard neard Pittsburgh. It’s appropriate that this Baldwin DS44-660 switcher still has Pennsylvania Railroad markings because Conway way, after all, built by the Pennsy.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Merger, What Merger?

November 1, 2020

It’s the late 1960s in Akron. The Pennsylvania Railroad has merged with the New York Central to form Penn Central.

But you might not know it from this scene which could have been made in the early 1960s.

PRR SW9 switcher 9114 is working a cut of cars by the Erie Lackawanna passenger and freight stations, one of which carries an NYC oval herald.

The 9114 was built in December 1952 and would survive long enough to be on the Conrail motive power roster for a while.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

South Akron PRR Memory

March 4, 2020

Pennsylvania Railroad switch No. 8020 sits in the PRR engine facility by the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company plant in 1966/1967.

The locomotive is a Baldwin DS44-1000 that was built in April 1949.

Notice the corner of Akron, Canton & Youngstown boxcar and an Illinois Central boxcar on the left while a small portion of industrial Akron is on the right.

No, I was not given permission to close 8020’s doors.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

It Doesn’t Look Like This Now

January 22, 2020

The early years of Penn Central were marked by a motive power fleet that still had quite a few units wearing their former Pennsylvania Railroad or New York Central markings.

Such was the case at Conway Yard near Pittsburgh in the late 1960s.

Many, but not all, of the units around the turntable are still clad in PRR Keystones.

What some guys might give to be able to travel back in time to this spot for a day or even an hour to see motive power that is largely gone.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Early in the Penn Central Era

November 6, 2019

Penn Central F7A No. 1481 is still in full Pennsylvania Railroad paint in Cleveland in 1969 sandwiched between a New York Central painted Alco FA and a New York Central painted EMD F7A.

It is hard to imagine I photographed the 1481 a half century ago.

In the middle and bottom images it is 1968 or 1969 in PC’s Collinwood diesel shop in Cleveland where PRR U25B No. 2634 and NYC FPA-4 No. 1398 sit in their last PRR and NYC paint schemes, but both are really PC units.

The middle image is the “scene” view whereas the bottom image is a closer crop..

Article and photographs by Robert Farkas