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NS and a 1957 Chevy

March 31, 2018

I usually pay little attention to automobile, buses and trucks because they are not something in which I have a great interest.

But as I sat in Marion during a recent railfan outing a vehicle pulled in next to me that got my attention.

In part that was due to its color but also because I recognized it as being an older model Chevrolet.

I was mildly surprised to see that the occupants were two Millennial generation railfans. I usually don’t associate 1950s era cars with members of a generation born four decades later.

But interest in automobiles, like interest in trains, knows no generational boundaries.

If only late 1950s era locomotives were still running on mainlines such as the Sandusky District of Norfolk Southern.

Can you imagine the railroad history that the grill of this Chevy has seen while waiting for trains at grade crossings over the years?

CSX Changes Q106/Q107 Schedules

February 28, 2013

During the past year, many railfan photographers have been chasing CSX trains Q106 and Q107 because those trains often have Kansas City Southern power. The trains originate/terminate on the KCS and had been operating to the CSX North Baltimore, Ohio, intermodal terminal.

The trains had operated between St. Louis and Ridgeway, Ohio, via Indianapolis. Between Ridgeway and Galatea the trains took the former Toledo & Ohio Central route. At Galatea, the trains got on the former Baltimore & Ohio’s Chicago-Pittsburgh mainline to reach North Baltimore.

That all changed recently with the Q106/Q107 now originating and terminating in Marion, where Schneider National maintains an intermodal terminal.

Field reports indicate that Q106/Q107 are now operating on their previous schedules to Marion of arriving  in the early morning hours and departing between 7 and 9 p.m.

However, the reports indicate that a shuttle train between Marion and North Baltimore has been operating with the motive power that comes in on the Q106. The shuttle train, the Q109, reportedly departs Marion for North Baltimore not long after the arrival of the Q106 and returns to Marion in daylight hours, typically arriving around midday.

The shuttle train carries the Q109 symbol in both directions.

CSX recently installed a connection in the northeast quadrant of the diamond at Ridgeway that enables trains bound from Marion to North Baltimore or vice versa to directly switch from the former Big Four line from Marion to the former T&OC route.

Previously, trains operating between Marion and North Baltimore had to make a backup move at Ridgeway. The switches for the new connection are now hand-thrown.