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There’s a Rain Coming Down

July 24, 2018

I was sitting in Berea a while back watching trains but also an approaching storm.

The clouds to the northwest were getting darker by the minute.

The clouds opened just before a westbound NS stack train arrived. I wasn’t able to react quick enough to get the motive power in the rain, but I was able to roll down my window long enough to capture the heavy rain on some of the containers.

The storm proved to be brief and the rain soon stopped. Then it was back to normal.

There’s a Rain Coming Down

June 29, 2018

I could see the storm coming. The clouds to the northwest kept getting darker. A story was brewing in Berea.

Sure enough the storm struck, dumping a heavy rain. It came about the time that a westbound Norfolk Southern stack train passed through.

I made the photo above by rolling down a window and then getting the image.

I’ve photographed many a train in snowy conditions, but rarely when it was raining.

The rain didn’t last long and soon enough it was merely cloudy.