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Steam Saturday: Remembering William Benson

January 30, 2021

Here is a photograph that makes me thankful for having taken around a half century ago.

In memory of Bill Benson, here is ex-Reading T-1 No. 2102 in Akron heading to Hudson to be turned on the wye there and return to Akron.

It is the break-in trip in the summer of 1968. The late Mike Ondecker and I were on a grassy hill just south of Akron Union Depot when this was taken.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

CSX YN2 Livery Gets Fresh Outlook on Life

June 27, 2016



CSX No. 156 a GE C40-9W led train Q015 through Akron on Sunday and I caught it passing the old Schwebel’s bakery at Cuyahoga Falls.

What makes this 20-something –year-old engine interesting is its paint. It wears what CSX calls the YN2, scheme which was the standard paint during the 1990s.

This engine is freshly painted in 2016, however. Why is that?

Well, apparently, it was involved in a wreck while offline in Mexico. It was rebuilt and received its new paint while there.

Ferromex used another CSX locomotive also painted in YN2 as the basis for this repaint.

And so the YN2 scheme has been resurrected at least for this one engine.

Article and Photographs byTodd Dillon