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Richard Allan Dies, Oversaw Merger that Led to CSX, Worked as Chessie Attorney in Cleveland

October 19, 2020

A retired CSX attorney who once worked in Cleveland and was instrumental in overseeing the creation of CSX has died.

Richard B. Allen, 92, died on Oct. 5 in hospice care in Maryland. He was an attorney for the Chessie System when it merged with the Seaboard System in 1980.

Allen is credited with playing a key role in winning Interstate Commerce Commission approval of the merger that paved the way for the creation of CSX Transportation.

Former CSX CEO John Snow told the Baltimore Sun that Allen was one of the most respected members of the ICC bar.

“It was the first merger of large Eastern, Midwestern and Southern railroads into one system. It was groundbreaking, and Richard was its legal architect,” Snow said. “He was such a gifted lawyer, a wonderful human being, and a gentleman of the old school and a man who never called attention to himself.”

Allen was born in Galena, Illinois, and worked part-time for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy while attending law school at the University of Chicago.

After a stint as an assistant U.S. attorney in Chicago, Allen joined the Baltimore & Ohio as an attorney in 1956 and was assigned to work in Cleveland in 1974 for the Chesapeake & Ohio/Baltimore & Ohio.

He returned to Baltimore in 1986 and spent the rest of his career there, specializing in mergers, acquisitions and abandonments.

He retired as a vice president and general counsel of CSX in 1992.