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New Horses for NS OCS Fleet

May 18, 2021

The Norfolk Southern Office Car Special went through Northeast Ohio on Monday. The train has new motive power, a pair of SD60E’s that have been re-geared for 79 mph running. They are its new power replacing the old F units.  I caught the train at Rootstown.

Photographs by Todd Dillon

New NS Eco Power Rolls Through Area

December 30, 2016





Thursday started out gloomy and overcast but by afternoon the sun had come out. I was Railfaning Norfolk Southern at Hudson and caught a few trains.

About 3 p.m. I got word that 15N had left Conway with a brand new eco set in its consist. I figured it would take about two hours to reach me which by then would be dark.

I decided to relocate to Rootstown, which would put me 20 minutes closer to the train. I got a few more trains while waiting but the shadows were creeping in.

At 4:28 p.m. the train arrived and I was able to get a few sunlight photos. In the few minutes it took the train to pass me the sun dipped behind the clouds. Talk about cutting it close.

Article and Photograps by Todd Dillon

DC to AC Conversion Units Make Their First Foray Through NE Ohio; Virginian H Unit Visits, Too

September 23, 2016


On Thursday afternoon Norfolk Southern sent two interesting trains westbound. The first was 60H a unit train of gypsum that had the Virginian heritage unit leading.

The second had two brand new DC to AC conversion units leading 65K, an empty crude oil train. Both of these have a black mane but different color separation stripes one one blue and one maroon.

I got both of these trains at Rootstown.

Photographs by Todd Dillon





A Few Sightings on NS at Rootstown

June 15, 2016






The class leader Norfolk Southern tier 4 GE 3601 led train 34N on Tuesday through Rootstown.

Also the pass through were the Penn Central heritage locomotive — I missed that — and the Virginian heritage unit. I did see, though, a new Union Pacific EMD SD70ACE came through.

Photographs by Todd Dillon