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What I Like About the Sandusky District

October 24, 2018

The Sandusky District of Norfolk Southern has long been one of my favorite pieces of railroad in northern Ohio.

Much of its charm is the region it serves, which reminds me a lot of where I grew up in east central Illinois.

The Sandusky District cuts through acre after acre of farm fields and is relatively flat territory.

I made this image while stopped to photograph something else. The train just happened to show up.

So I made the fence post the focal point of the image as a reminder of what this territory is all about.

The location is between Chatsfield and Attica and the time of year was late May before the crops began growing in earnest.

Finding Open Views of the NS Chicago Line

November 18, 2016
A eastbound Norfolk Southern intermodal train crosses Carroll-Erie Road east of Oak Harbor.

A eastbound Norfolk Southern intermodal train crosses Carroll-Erie Road east of Oak Harbor.

One in a periodic series of images I made last summer

Photographers in the western United States seldom have to look far for an open view unless they are in dense mountainous terrain.

There are times when I envy them when searching for open views of railroads here in Ohio.

Northeast Ohio has some rolling hills, but it also has a lot of trees, which makes finding open views a major challenge.

So imagine the feeling of satisfaction we felt upon finding an open field next to the Chicago Line of Norfolk near Oak Harbor.

It was a July afternoon and we had been exploring the Chicago Line for most of the day.

The open area was adjacent to North Carroll-Erie Road. There was a soybean field next to the tracks and the road, but the plants were not so high that they blocked the view.

We had to wait awhile before we got a train and by the time we left we had seen intermodal trains in each direction.

As I had done at an earlier stop not far from here, I sought to emphasize the country feel of the environment by shooting down the road and across the soybean field.

It still didn’t have the same feel as, say, western Ohio or even Indiana or Illinois. But it still felt like the rural Midwest even if it was just a mile or two from the Lake Erie shore.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders






Waiting on a Crew Near Norwalk

August 18, 2015

WE and field-x

I was driving to Bellevue one afternoon earlier this summer. After going around Norwalk on U.S. 20, I could see a train on the nearby Wheeling & Lake Erie. It was the first time I had seen a train at this location.

I turned down the next crossroad, which turned out to be Halfway Road. Question: What is it halfway between?

The side-to-back lighting was brutal. There was no crew aboard the train that I could tell.

I liked the rural nature of the scene and how the train stretched out to the west amid open fields. Sometimes a scene is just too good to pass up.

Article and Photograph by Craig Sanders