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Catching Up with Amtrak’s New Livery

September 3, 2021

I bagged the Amtrak Phase VI unit on Thursday morning – one of them anyway).  I woke up hoping to get another shot at the Midnight Blue Amtrak 50th Anniversary engine – P42DC No. 100 – but realized he was on time and I would have to drive pretty far east to catch him. 

However another 50th Anniversary unit – P42DC No. 108 – was leading No. 49, the westbound Lake Shore Limited, and it was running almost three hours late. 

This one I decided to try for and I ended up catching him on the Sandusky Bay bridge and causeway at Danbury.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

Stuck Bridge Disrupts NS Chicago Line Traffic

July 28, 2021

Traffic on the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern was disrupted this past Sunday after a failure of the drawbridge over Sandusky Bay.

The bridge became stuck in the up position and when the operator was finally able to lower it it would not lock into place. The bridge, located at milepost 248 is controlled remotely.

Some marine traffic because stranded when the bridge wouldn’t lock into place and boaters anchored their vessels and called friends to pick them up.

Smaller watercraft were able to pass beneath the bridge despite a warning light being illuminated that there was insufficient clearance.

The drawbridge failure lasted for more than three hours and halted train traffic on a line that hosts more than 50 movements a day including Amtrak’s Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited.

However, Amtrak was unaffected by the failure because its trains pass over it between midnight and 6 a.m.

NS maintenance forces were able to repair the bridge and it resumed normal operation.

The bridge was built in 1929 and is a double-track rolling Scherzer-type drawbridge

I Wasn’t Sure What to Expect

December 21, 2016



One in a periodic series of images I made last summer

Peter Bowler had a vision that I was having a hard time grasping. He wanted to get a Norfolk Southern train or two crossing Sandusky Bay west of Sandusky in early morning light.

But to get the image that he wanted would require having to leave very early in the morning, like 4 a.m. I wasn’t enthusiastic about that.

We instead drove to Toledo with the idea of getting a train crossing the Maumee River. Alas, the bridge over the NS tracks carrying Miami Street was closed due to construction.

So we wound up at Sandusky Bay to try the photograph what Peter had originally envisioned.

I’ve been to Sandusky Bay a few times, but don’t know the territory that well. I got it in my head that we would standing almost next to the tracks and shooting an eastbound train coming toward us.

But that wasn’t what Peter had in mind and there probably isn’t a place to to that without trespassing on railroad or private property.

Instead, we found ourselves on an old road that juts into the bay and is used for fishing. It can also be used for photographing trains if you have a good telephoto lens.

By the time we got to the bay, the lighting conditions were pretty brutal. We were looking almost right into the late morning sun.

I immediately understood why Peter initially had said we’d have to leave so early.

So I did what I always do, which is the best I can with what I have to work with. It didn’t yield any spectacular images, but it did result in a keeper or two.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders