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Watco to Operate NS Sandusky Bulk Terminal

July 28, 2016

Watco Transloading will operate a new Norfolk Southern bulk terminal in Sandusky.

WatcoIn a news release, Watco said that the facility will have 30 paved rail car spots with laydown space for storage. Operations are expected to begin shortly.

Watco said it will handle in Sandusky such commodities as chemicals, plastics, forest products, steel products and agricultural products.

Operations will include origin and destination transloading, and outside storage for break-bulk products.

The Sandusky facility was formerly a Triple Crown Service terminal that handled RoadRailers.

Watco operates other bulk terminals in Ohio in Columbus and Euclid, and in Willis, Michigan.

Something Out of the Ordinary

June 15, 2016

Bucyrus March 26-x

Bucyrus2 March 26-x

Norfolk Southern has nine D8.5-40CW locomotives on its roster. A website maintained by Chris Toth and devoted to NS motive power reports that eight of the units are currently stored, although still active.

They carry roster numbers 8500 to 8509. All of the units were rebuilt in 2015 and in the process received new cabs. And that is how No. 8508 came to took so distinctive.

It was sent out on the system with its new cab in primer paint. At first glance, the primary appears to be a light shade of blue.

I was hanging out in Bucyrus on Easter Eve earlier this year when NS train 194 rolled into town.

No. 8508 was the third unit. An online report said it was bound for Roanoke, Virginia.

My fellow Akron Railroad Club member Todd Dillon had spotted No. 8509 in Bellevue a few days earlier. He wrote that this rebuild program had not been successful and has been suspended.

Although the 8508 isn’t much to look at, I photographed it anyway because it is something out of the ordinary.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders