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Short Line Group Helps With Safety Culture

October 14, 2021

The Short Line Safety Institute has published online resources designed to help short line and regional railroads improve their safety cultures.

In a news release, SLSI said the three offerings include: a Safety Communication Poster Program, a “Lost in Translation” paper and a HazMat Minute and Safety Minute video series.

SLSI noted that the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Research, Development and Technology recently released the results of SLSI’s 2020 Systematic Review of Safety Culture Assessments conducted on short lines.

The trade association developed the poster program in response to those findings.

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Emergency Response Plan Issued for Short Lines

March 16, 2021

A transportation emergency response has been created for short line railroads by the Short Line Safety Institute.

Known as TERP, the document provides guidance for moving hazardous materials, including instruction on how to help prepare workers to safely respond to an incident and work with local first responders in advance of an emergency.

The SLSI said the document has detailed high-resolution maps identifying physical features of a railroad’s yard or yards and location of key assets for incident response and emergency access routes within that facility.

A “red tab” section provides contact information for key railroad personnel and sensitive receptors located within a one-mile radius of a rail yard. 

Short Line Safety Program Lauded

June 3, 2020

A study released by the Federal Railroad Administration has lauded a safety initiative of the Short Line Safety Institute.

The FRA said the Culture Assessment process and follow-up support holds promise for strengthening railroad safety cultures.

The study found overall safety improvements in six of 10 core elements of a strong safety culture.

In a news release, the SLSI said the FRA study analyzed initial and follow-up reports, evaluating the results of actions taken by two subject railroads involved in the SCA process over two years.

In both instances, the institute identified multiple opportunities for the railroads with both carriers taking steps to implement a majority of the recommendations.

SLSI officials said that based on the results of assessments, the institute identified common opportunities for short lines to improve safety culture and developed programs to address them, such as hazardous materials transportation training and leadership development training.

The institute also created a best practices guide for use by other railroads and has provided 88 assessments for short lines to date.

Short Line Group Releases Best Practices Guide

May 21, 2020

The Short Line Safety Institute has released a new best practices guide that is based on five years of data it has collected through its Safety Culture Assessment program.

The assessment model uses 10 core elements of a strong safety culture as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Council.

The SLSI guide provides best practices in each of the 10 elements, along with examples of the practice in action and an explanation of the rationale behind it.

Downloadable tools and additional resources are provided in many instances.

“The data analyzed across completed Safety Culture Assessments, coupled with the 500-plus years of railroad safety experience on our team, has identified some clear actions in each of 10 core elements to enhance a railroad’s safety culture,” said SLSI Executive Director Tom Murta in a statement.

He said the best practices guide will enable short lines to continuously evaluate safety culture across all metrics.

SLSI Starts Website for Safety Information

July 10, 2018

The Short Line Safety Institute has launched a website to help short-line railroads withy safet issues.

The website,, provides information on the programs and resources offered by SLSI to the short line industry and enables fast and easy access to programs and support materials.

“It provides a quick way for safety professionals to access materials that they can use right away or share with colleagues, sign up for webinars, training programs, and safety culture assessments, and know where our next training event will take place,” said Tom Murta, executive director of the  SLSI.

The new website provides access to hazardous materials and safety culture resources, the ability to download materials from the Safety Tips program, a calendar of upcoming events, and a way to request an onsite safety culture Assessment or HMIT program training for one, or several railroads.

Training Program Set for Smaller Railroads

April 10, 2018

A hazardous materials training program for Class II and Class III railroads is being offered by the Short Line Safety Institute.

The program will provide hazmat training at no cost to the railroads paid in part by a $500,000 grant from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

The training sessions will be based on the experience of hazmat experts from Class I railroads, short lines, and rail hazmat transportation subject matter experts.

In a news release, the Safety Institute said that training programs will be flexible and able to meet the needs of any railroad regardless of size.

Training materials can be presented directly to a single railroad, a group of railroads or as a drill or exercise.

Most training exercises will take a train-the-trainer format with the training designed to supplement existing railroad training programs by hazmat employees.

“The hazardous materials instructor training program complements the training currently being offered by a railroad to their employees,” said Tom Murta, the institute’s executive director. “Through this program, SLSI will provide the resources necessary to ensure railroad employees understand the requirements for transporting hazardous materials. We are offering a meaningful solution to an industry challenge.”