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Simon Says, ‘I Need a New Paint Job’

September 3, 2016

CVSR July 17 02-x

Simon Perkins was a key figure in Akron history being one of the city’s co-founders. His son, Simon Perkins Jr., played a pivotal role in bringing the first railroad to Akron, a branch of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh that later became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Given that family history it is not a surprise that the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad would name a passenger car after the Perkins family.

Neither the elder nor the junior Perkins would be amused, though, to see that the CVSR has neglected basic maintenance of their car.

When photographed earlier this summer at Brecksville, the Simon Perkins had lost a letter, although it can barely be seen. Two other letters had been nearly obliterated.

The CVSR has been rotating some cars through the shops in recent months to give them a paint job. Looks like the car honoring Simon Perkins needs to be next.

Photograph by Craig Sanders