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The Right Direction This Time

April 20, 2021

About a week ago I was chasing trains on the New Castle District of Norfolk Southern in southwestern Ohio when we wound up in Somerville.

The tracks cross Sevenmile Creek there on a nice looking bridge. I was able to photograph a train here but it was a westbound manifest freight.

The images were fine yet not what I would have ideally wanted.

So last Sunday we got wind that an eastbound was coming and made our way to Somerville to wait on it.

The wait was worth it and the resulting image more what I wanted to get here.

Shown is manifest freight 143 on its way from Eklhart, Indiana, to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Creek Crossing in Somerville

April 11, 2021

Norfolk Southern manifest freight 174 saunters westbound through Somerville, Ohio, on the New Castle District and crosses Sevenmile Creek.

Shortly after this image was made, the train received a hotbox alarm and stopped. Upon inspection, the crew discovered sticking breaks on one of its cars and NS supervisors decided to send a mechanical department worker from Cincinnati to the train.

The crew reported that a brake shoe looked as though it had been welded to the wheel.

The train originated in Macon, Georgia, and is bound for Elkhart, Indiana.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders