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In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

December 3, 2021

The wayback machine has taken us not only way back in time but way up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. We’re admiring SOO Line 2229-B in Gladstone, Michigan, on June 12, 1974. The F7A was built in August 1953 and retired in October 1980.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

Well Worth the Wait in Elkhart

March 25, 2015

Soo 1a

Soo 2b

Soo 3c

I accompanied my friend Adam last Saturday to Michigan City, Ind., where he was meeting a guy from Wisconsin to sell him some model railroad equipment.

On the return trip home, we stopped in Elkhart, Ind., in what turned out to be a futile attempt to catch the Illinois Terminal heritage unit of Norfolk Southern.

The late day light on the signal bridge at CP 421 was too good to pass up. I just had to get a shot of a westbound train coming beneath that ancient New York Central relic.

NS has been taking these old signals down and replacing them with modern signals. Maybe this signal bridge is on the hit list, too. If the bridge stays up, it will get new signal heads.   But all of the traffic was eastbound.

It was interesting to listen to the Chicago East dispatcher talk with trains about what the computer was planning to have them do and when.

My take on those conversations is that if she didn’t have to let the computer make decisions than she might have made different choice.

At one point she told a waiting eastbound stack train at CP 423 that the computer seems to want to go west now.

A few minutes later, she radioed the EB stacker, to say that the computer had changed its mind. It was going to take the EB stack train next.

Then the computer decided to take a third eastbound, an ethanol train with Canadian Pacific power on the head end.   In the meantime, she also told a westbound CP train that the plan for it was to cross over at CP 421 and to re-crew at 426.

That is indeed what happened, although not as soon as the dispatcher initially thought that it would.   With the prospect of getting a westbound coming past the signal bridge into the late day sun, we ended up staying in Elkhart longer than we had planned.

It was well worth the wait. The westbound didn’t have CP power, but it had something better.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders

Ex-Soo Line Unit Pays Visit to Northeast Ohio

February 24, 2015


On paper the Soo Line Railroad still exists. But it is owned and operated as Canadian Pacific. Few locomotives still wearing Soo Line colors are still in operation.

But one that still carries Soo markings, SD60M No. 6061,  made an appearance in Northeast Ohio on Sunday.

It was the lead unit of CSX train Q378 bound for Buffalo, N.Y. It reached Collinwood around 3:30 p.m. and then tied up later that evening near Beidler Road in Willoughby after the crew exceeded its hours of service.

Akron Railroad Club member Jeff Troutman spotted the 6061 on Monday at 8:30 a.m. in Mentor and sent along this grab shot.