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Another Sunday with NKP 765

October 4, 2018

The ferry move to Akron steams though Brecksville.

Steaming through Sand Run Metropark in Akron during the ferry move on Sunday morning.

The last excursion of NKP 765’s two-week stay on the CVSR blasts through Jaite en route to the photo runbys at Boston Mill.

Ursula and I arrived at Ohio 82 in Brecksville close to 8 a.m. to catch the ferry move of Nickel Plate 765 and its train to Akron.

We were able to set up first at the white chains since the rest of the crowd hadn’t shown up yet.

I decided photographing from the Station Road bridge with the reflection or what used to be a

reflection shot because of the tree growth and the Route 82 arches.

By the time the train showed up at about 8:55 a.m. the crowd of photographers next to us and behind us was substantial.

We made it to Big Bend with about three minutes to spare. The traffic light at Merriman and Portage Path was the big culprit.

After the train passed I hurried  to the car to get to mass at a church I found on Portage Path in Cuyahoga Falls.

The bottom photograph is the after trip from Akron coming south at Jaite. I was standing right along the chain.


Pleasant View at Pleasant Valley Road

October 1, 2018

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad hosted an early evening excursion on Friday of Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 No. 765.

Fellow Akron Railroad Club members Edward Ribinskas and Jeff Troutman joined me in chasing the steamer before the ARRC meeting.

We first encountered the Berkshire and its train at the Canal Exploration Center station as it made a ferry move to Rockside Station.

Then it was off to West Pleasant Valley Road where we waited along with several other railfans on the bridge over the CVSR tracks.

The 765 put on a fine show as it charged southward with a train that included all three of the CVSR’s dome cars.

We hoped to catch up with the 765 one more time after leaving Pleasant Valley, but those efforts were hamstrung by heavy traffic.

By the time we were able to safety cross Pleasant Valley on foot and hoof it back to my car, which I had parked at the gate where Riverview Road is closed, the 765 was too far ahead of us.

I broke off the chase by Szalay’s Market. By that time, the excursion train had reached Indigo Lake where it executed its photo runbys.

Backing past Hillside Road during the ferry move from Fitzwater Yard to Rockside Road.

A trio of dome cars followed by FPA-4 No. 6777.

Steam Returns to the Valley This Weekend

September 28, 2018

Nickel Plate Road 765 presents an impressive sight as it climbs the hill into Akron. It is shown passing through the Sand Run Metro Park during its ferry move on Sunday morning.

Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 No. 765 will pull another round of excursions on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad this weekend.

The schedule includes a trip from Rockside Road tonight (Sept. 28) at 5:30 p.m. and from Rockside at 9:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Trips out of Akron are scheduled to depart on Sunday at 11:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.

Last weekend saw the 765 execute the same schedule. Here is a gallery of some of my favorite images of the Berkshire-type locomotive in action during its first weekend.

Everyone stops to watch a steam locomotive. NKP 765 steams through the Sand Run Metropark in Akron on Sunday morning during its ferry move to position itself for the day’s trips.

Snaking around a curve in the Sand Run Metropark in Akron on late Sunday morning.

Cameras are out as NKP 765 approaches the CVSR’s Big Bend station in the Sand Run Metropark in Akron as the first excursion of Sunday returns to the Rubber City.

Running backward northbound at Bath Road during the Sunday afternoon excursion.

Getting some reflection in the Cuyahoga River during the Saturday afternoon trip.

Executing another photo runby at Boston Mill.

The afternoon trip on Saturday approaches West Pleasant Valley Road. I was the only photographer on the bridge waiting for the train.

Coming with a head of steam over Columbia Run along Riverview Road north of Boston Mill on Saturday. On Sunday a Peninsula cop keep railfan photographers off the grassy area where this image was made.

The first southbound run of the day on Saturday morning is underway as the 765 skirts the Cuyahoga River near the Canal Exploration Center.

Volunteers Restore Michigan Narrow Gauge Steamer

August 31, 2018

Volunteers in Michigan have cosmetically restored a 2-8-0 Baldwin narrow gauge steam locomotive.

No. 6 of the Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad ran on a six-mile line hauling copper from the underground mine to a processing mill.

The railroad closed in 1945 and its locomotives were locked inside a roundhouse where they sat for several years until the formation of the Quincy Mine Hoist Association to preserve and interpret the history of copper mining in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

No. 6, which was built in 1912, was only new locomotive purchased by the railroad and was the largest and heaviest in the fleet.

The restoration began after No. 6 returned to Michigan in 2009 following a stint in New Jersey where an expected restoration failed to occur.

Chuck Pomazal, a model builder from Illinois, led a group of volunteers who restored No. 6, largely with hand tools.

The locomotive was placed on public display on Aug. 25. The volunteers are now turning their efforts to restoring  Q&TL No. 5, a smaller 2-6-0.

1 Slide, 3 Ways of Viewing It

August 28, 2018

Here are three images from a single Ed Treesh East Broad Top slide taken in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania in August 1962.

At top we see the original of EBT No. 12 with a light defect. In the middle is a black and white of the original which shows less of the defect.

The bottom image shows a closer crop of the second train.

Photographs Courtesy of Robert Farkas

Ed’s Pennsylvania Adventure: Day 4

August 24, 2018

On Monday Aug. 13 the forecast was for a 90 percent chance of thunderstorms for the area where Ursula and I were staying in eastern Pennsylvania.

There were numerous clouds but the sun came out when it was needed.

My photo selection includes Great Western No. 90 passing the oldest cemetery in Lancaster County, a Doodlebug, and the Groffs picnic area.

I couldn’t resist getting an image when we found out what was written on Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 No. 4800.

I also caught Canadian National No. 89, Norfolk & Western No. 475, and Thomas the Tank Engine resting inside a shop building.

Finally, you can see that Nickel Plate Road No. 757 is getting closer for its return to Bellevue.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas


Ed’s Pennsylvania Adventure: Part 3

August 23, 2018

On Sunday, Aug. 12 Ursula and I worked our way from Altoona to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Along the way we stopped to make photographs.

At Port Royal there was  perfect lighting but no train. I wanted to get the Pennsylvania Railroad position signals before they disappear.

Next up was Hershey Park’s Kissing Tower, which is similar to the Space Needle that used to be at Cedar Point in Ohio.

Finally, I captured the Hershey Park Dry Gulch Railroad, a live steam train with two steamers running.

I later found out that if we had been up in the Kissing Tower about the time we were photographing the steamer we would have seen PRR heritage unit 8102 on Norfolk Southern going westbound.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

Ed’s Pennsylvania Adventure: Part 2

August 22, 2018

The 2018 convention of the National Railway Historical Society was held recently in Cumberland, Maryland.

On Saturday morning, convention attendees boarded buses and made the trip to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, to board a chartered Everett Railroad steam train.

I didn’t attend the convention, but was also present for the trip to chase it.

Even though I’ve done the Everett several times I faced a challenge because of the overcast skies. I opted for locations where the morning light would produce better images for locations I’ve gotten previously.

However, all morning the heavy overcast resulted in locations I previously had done ending up with similar results. I’m sending along locations not shown before.

In the top image the train passes a horse grazing in a field north of Kladder

In the top image below, the steamer turns east toward Martinsburg approaching Route 36. The following image shows the train heading back after turning at the Martinsburg passing dairy plant.

In the next image, the train arrives at Roaring Springs station for where the conventioneers had lunch.

After our Everett Railroad outing had ended the clouds disappeared and we had sunshine for the Altoona Curve doubleheader baseball game that was to begin at 4:30 p.m. at Peoples Natural Gas Field.

The exterior of the ballpark simulates a roundhouse. Everything, including the gift shop, mascots and food items, are railroad terms. The former Pennsy K4 is alive and well.

Overlooking the outfield is the Lakemont amusement park roller coaster, hopefully to reopen next season.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

3 More From East Broad Top

August 20, 2018

Here are three more Ed Treesh photos from the East Broad Top in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania. The top and bottom images are from backlighted images. The top image shows a scenic view in October 1961. The middle view is EBT No. 14 in October 1961. The bottom view is EBT 15 in August 1962.

Photographs Courtesy of Robert Farkas

Once Upon a Time on the East Broad Top

August 3, 2018

Here are three East Broad Top photos from the slides donated to the ARRC several years ago by a railfan’s widow.

The top image is a general view looking toward the shops in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania, in August 1962. You can see freight and passenger cars, EBT M-1 gas-electric car, two steamers (I believe 12 and 14), and Johnstown Traction 311.

In the middle photo, it is August 1962 and Johnstown Traction 311 from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is sitting on a piece of standard gauge trackage over the 36 inch EBT track. She is the first trolley for the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

In the bottom image private car Orbisonia and locomotive 14 are by the shops in this October 1961 photo.

Photographs Courtesy of Robert Farkas