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Steam Saturday: An Amtrak Detour to a Pa. Steam Weekend

February 20, 2021
Norfolk & Western 475 at Groff’s picnic grove

The wee hours of the Oct. 21, 2006, found Jeff Troutman and myself scheduled to board Amtrak’s eastbound Capitol Limited and transfer to the Pennsylvanian at Pittsburgh to get to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

However things changed dramatically that morning. We eventually learned that a major derailment of a Norfolk Southern ethanol train had occurred on the bridge over the Beaver River at New Brighton, Pennsylvania.

That explained why Train 30 just sat in Cleveland and we never were able to board.

What we were offered was a reroute on the Lake Shore Limited to New York City and a connection to a Keystone Service train to Lancaster via Philadelphia.

After our enormous bonus mileage, we were able to partake of a Carl Franz photo special at 

Strasburg with Norfolk & Western 4-8-0  No. 475 and Great Western 2-10-0 No. 90.

Here are some highlights of that weekend outing.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas  

N&W 475 and a sunrise spectacular
Between Carpenters and Leamon Place
N&W 475 runs alongside Great Western 90 at Groff’s


Steam Saturday: Day on the Strasburg Rail Road

August 22, 2020

It’s the late 1960s or maybe the early 1970s. We standing trackside on the Strasburg Railroad where we catch the arrival back in Strasburg of 2-10-0 No. 90.

Built by Baldwin in 1924, No. 90 is, in the words of the railroad itself, an iconic symbol of the Strasburg. It the largest steamer in the railroad’s collection and arrived in May 1967.

No. 90 is one of two operational decapods in America, the railroad said on its website.

Before coming to Pennsylvania, No. 90 spent 40 years hauling freight, primarily sugar beets, in northern Colorado.

Photograph by Robert Farkas