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One Day Down in Mingo Junction

December 23, 2020

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel SW1200 No. 1255 is in Mingo Junction, Ohio on March 26, 1977. Other than some gold stripes there are no heralds or markings on this work-a-day unit.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

From the Ashes of the Baltimore & Ohio the Grand River Railroad is Building Another Day

November 11, 2015


And from the ashes we can build another day . . . with apologies to the Moody Blues (The Story in Your Eyes)

A railroad line that was dormant for years (13+) after CSX gave it up not long after the Conrail split date in 1999 has been revived and is already doing very well.

Only in operation since July, it is on track to move 1,000 cars this year.

Here are several photos from the Grand River Railroad in Grand River, Ohio, as crews work the salt loader at Morton Salt.

This outside-the-fence loading operation will soon be history as the refurbished loader seen above the 1202 in the top photo will be ready for action soon.

No. 1202 is a former Aliquippa & Southern SW-1200 that came to the GRRY via the Age of Steam Roundhouse.

Among the several views of the GRRY switching the Morton Salt load out are views of the crew having a job briefing and a view from the cab as the freight is loaded.

There is an interesting view of the track layout while two photos show a ballast truck working the line that morning.

I wanted to catch the run up the hill to the CSX interchange but with the short window of daylight we have now, that run occurred at night.

Article and Photographs by Roger Durfee









Grand River No. 1202 is on the Property

October 14, 2015


Grand River Railway No. 1202 arrived in Painesville on Monday afternoon and has already been moved to Morton Salt.

The SW1200 has had a long and tortuous journey since leaving the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, where it was repainted into its Baltimore & Ohioesque livery.

It was built in 1954 and served the Aliquippa & Southern before winding up in the AOS diesel fleet. AOS has leased it to the Grand River along with a sister SW1200, No. 1205.

Before repainting, it wore a yellow and olive green livery.

Somewhere in transit, the 1202 developed flat spots on its wheels. Those were discovered during an inspection after the locomotive arrived in Willard Yard on CSX on Aug. 31.

The unit had some of its wheels replaced in Willard and then was sent to Avon Yard near Indianapolis on Sept. 23 to have its traction motors reinstalled and to turn one of the wheels on a lathe.

The switcher arrived back in Willard on Oct. 9 and was sent on its way to the Grand River.

During the trip back from Indianapolis, the 1202 spent the night in Marion where some railfans made night photos of it.

Photographs by Jeff Troutman