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CP Work Stoppage Ends, Sides Agree to Submit their Dispute to Binding Arbitration

March 23, 2022

Canadian Pacific began resuming operations on Tuesday after it and one of its unions agreed to submit their contract dispute to binding arbitration.

The railroad began shutting down on Sunday in a Iabor dispute involving 3,000 locomotive engineers, conductors, and train and yard workers represented by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

At the time, CP described it as a strike while the union described it as a lockout, although TCRC later pronounced it both.

Negotiations for a new contract had been ongoing since last September with the two sides at odds over wages, pensions and work rules.

In recent weeks the talks have been mediated by a member of the Canadian Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

In a statement, the union said that although binding arbitration is not its preferred method of resolving disputes, it was able to “negotiate terms and conditions that were in the best interest of our members.”

The union said it would have no further comment until the arbitration process is completed.

CN, Union Reach Tentative Pact to End Strike

November 27, 2019

A tentative contract has been reached to end a week-long strike against Canadian National by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.

CN said the pact will enable the 3,200 striking CN conductors and rail yard crews in Canada to return to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A ratification vote on the contract is expected to be completed within the next eight weeks.

During that period the union and the company have agreed to refrain from any further job actions.

The proposed contract will be voted on by secret ballot with details of the settlement not released until after the union has provided them to its members.

CN Exec Steps Down; Canadian Teamsters go on Strike

November 20, 2019

Canadian National has announced the resignation of Michael Foster, its executive vice president and chief information and technology officer.

Foster plans to leave CN on Nov. 29. In a news release CN said Foster plans to move back to the United States to be close to his family and to pursue other career opportunities.

CN said Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rob Reilly will assume interim responsibility for the company’s information and technology function, while a global search for a permanent successor is conducted.

In an unrelated development involving CN, members of Teamsters Canada walked off job on Tuesday after failing to reach a new contract agreement.

It is the first strike against a North American Class 1 railroad in a decade.
Striking are 3,000 conductors, trainmen and yard workers. The Teamsters Canadian Rail Conference, which represents the workers and is CN’s largest union at CN, had issued a 72-hour strike notice on Nov. 16.

The union said negotiations with CN had reached a stalemate over health and safety issues.