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Now Boarding, The Akronite for New York

December 2, 2015

Akronite sign

In its day, The Akronite was the premier passenger train in Akron of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

One of 28 Blue Ribbon fleet trains, The Akronite had sleepers, coaches and a diner-lounge that operated between Akron and New York.

It also was one of the shortest-lived members of the Blue Ribbon fleet. On April 26, 1953, it was downgraded to an Akron-Hudson connecting train,  albeit with an Akron-New York through sleeper conveyed east of Hudson by the Clevelander.

The Akronite was the last PRR passenger train in Akron. It ended on April 26, 1958, leaving the Baltimore & Ohio as the last user of Akron Union Depot.

Akron Railroad Club member Tom Goughnour knew a guy who worked for Penn Central and was able to acquire this sign for the Akronite that used to hang in the station before boarding.

A station worker would pull the sign out of small closet next to the door leading from the concourse to the platform and hang it on a piece of metal rod mounted perpendicular to the door.

Countless pairs of eyes looked for the sign to determine where to board their train as they set out on a trip out east. Tom recently brought the sign to an ARRC meeting where I photographed it.